10 Minute Full Body Workout

hello welcome to exit I'm Kelsey Lee your trainer for today and I know that you guys are looking forward to doing a full body workout because that's why I clicked here right okay so we're going to get started we're going to start in a squat okay Lateral with a front raise squat Lateral with a front raise okay so Jump On In let's get this party started not going Karate Kid over here there you go good job going for about a minute for each exercise guys you'll notice I have a slight Bend in my knee for that lateral raise good job sit into that [Music] Squat and if you guys don't have dumbbells but you want to participate go get some bottles of water or God forbid soda or like beam cans or something I'm feeling it good job hitting those front delts with that front raise all right keep going good job good job good job it'll be worth your time if you keep up so keep going few more good job get one each leg all right okay go ahead and hang out where you are okay so bring it down and back up very simple good job focus on one thing again not a giant range of motion just come down past the knee come back up good job nice and slow and I take it real slow because if I'm talking and looking around at all I'm going fast I'm going to fall over few more let's call that good go ahead and switch all right here we go let's try this right leg of mine if you guys know about my hamstring action this one's a little tough nice work nice soft [Music] knee there you go feel free to use heavier weights and really you don't even have to use weights if you're just starting out or you're conditioning kind of catching up just go through the motions without any weight get the technique down all right so go ahead stay where you're at St in this position with the bend in the knee we're going to squat it out raise through the shoulders bring it back and row okay keep [Music] going so my back is tilted forward the whole time through the [Music] hips this could be a sweet dance move move 30 seconds each and I want you guys to feel this in the lower lumbar you stabilize your upper body in this position good job last one pull it in okay other side give that lower back a break step it out step it back and pull good work all right so what you think of these crazy socks I know you guys are like where's those socks here they are making another debut what are some fun things that you guys like to wear when you work out leave a comment could be totally crazy well I hope not too crazy actually good work okay as we come back pull through the elbow relax to the shoulders last one all right lower lumbars like on fire all right so this next one we're going to do some more squats as you see we're doing a ton of squats today so we're going to be in a squat position bring it up bring those feet CL together okay we're going to hit the outside of the quads with this narrow stance good job relax through that [Music] neck take your time you can go slower if you like I don't recommend going any faster than this speed about [Music] here nice job keep it going lift through the shoulders don't let those elbows come down exhale on your way up doing great keep going few more of these and let's call that good nice work all right so this one we are going to incorporate some shoulders and some biceps and you guessed it more squats okay so squat position bring it up and we're going to do a curl so curl to press got it jump [Music] in nice slow control good form right AIS rotation is a elbow pushing up and together bring the elbow back good remember it's not about the speed not even necessarily the amount of reps or the weight but about your form technique squeeze and press good job all the way up fight that resistance on the way down through the shoulder press so squeeze press fight that negative bring it down good squeeze we're getting [Music] there shoulders are warming up good job keep the chest open last one nice work okay you're hanging in there don't give up we just got a couple more and I promise it's worth it it's only a couple minutes out of your whole entire day Okay so we're going to bring it up with a deadlift so notice I'm keeping a slight Bend in my knees as I come down straighten at the back okay now we're going to incorporate a row okay Jump On In and row pull through the [Music] elbows good job you got it let's pull through the elbow pull okay bring it back all the way through the hamstrings you can do a couple different variations of this all the way up hamstrings through the elbow through the hamstrings through the elbows good job you got it especially if you're using heavier weight you're going to feel those tomorrow again we kind of call those good mornings in the gym row up and call it good all right pretty nice job well I think we need a stability ball or something so there it is always on time okay center right left for our crunches so go ahead and roll it out here we go Want Your Hands by your temples do not pull on your neck center right left okay so you're just curling up until you get isolation through the core in the front nice exhale as you come up good job seriously take a rest whenever you need to got take your time do it right and the core is seriously something you guys can condition almost every day without training even if it's a little here and there it all adds up good job F those shoulders [Music] over squeeze it in exhale squeeze it in nice work you guys are rock stars keep goingo burnning a little here one more oh Center find the resistance on the way down slow slow slow oh my gosh ah feels so much better to be done and know that I actually did those okay push up to plank I'm going to roll that out of there don't do that at home if there's breakables around I'm not going to be held responsible for broken items okay so push up to plank I think you've done these with me before so here we go in plank position no butts way up in the air no sinking shits so you guessed it we're going right up right down jump in left up left down take your time don't go too quickly with these notice we're alternating our arms just don't want to strengthening condition one side of her body good [Music] job burning good job keep going engageing the core [Music] oh my goodness take your time you got it Go wider if you like whatever works few more of these and call it good oh man all right and that concludes our workout for today you guys did really good if you kept up the whole time feel free to go through that again or you can go through our exit videos and do another workout and of course leave a video comment I want to hear how you guys did subscribe to our Channel get involved with our email list and of course follow me on Twitter or Facebook kyle.com see you soon

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