How to Engage Your Lower Abs (This EASY trick is all you need!)

okay a common question that I'm getting so often in my coaching program or in my DMs or just in YouTube in general is how do I engage the lower abs correctly this is such a tough spot tough tough spot for many of us women to Target and the best way to always lose weight from this area is to make sure that we are of course in a calorie deficit we're eating a nice healthy balanced diet and we are focusing on cardio-like movement or even walking to help drop the extra fat that we do have alongside always doing ab exercises to help stop can I speak today to help tone and tighten the muscles and make them feel strong but one of the most common mistakes that I always see is women not engaging their lower abs correctly enough and it's a really common thing that we can do even before or after pregnancy and especially after pregnancy it's really important that we make sure we can engage with a lower abs so today I'm going to show you a really easy and simple trick to make sure that you are engaged in those lower abs and always making sure that you're using this form to get the most out of your workouts okay so with lower abs it's always good to visualize what you're trying to do when you are doing ab exercises so the best way that I always make sure that I'm connected with my lower core is to always make sure that I'm engaging with my pelvic floor and if you guys don't know how to engage your pelvic floor it's kind of like imagining that you're trying to pull up from the lower half of your body so you're like squeezing in and you're lifting up imagine there's a rope that you're trying to pull up towards your body and you'll notice that as soon as I do that my core always engages because it's connecting with the transverse is Dominus the deeper core within our body now when we are also doing that one of the visualizations that I always have and I started getting into this and especially after I have my baby was to imagine that there was a piece of string on each side of my hips that was trying to connect with one another while I was pulling up so as you always try and inhale you want your stomach to come out it's always what we do is the breath work so you want to inhale and as you exhale you want to pull up and you want to imagine that you're really trying to tighten those ropes together across your hip bones pulling up from inside and you'll notice that your core will automatically suck in pulling that navel to the spine and connecting with that core so the first thing that I always suggest doing is just sitting here by yourself in any position that feels comfortable and just trying that breathing technique or we're going to go over to the floor and I'm going to show you how to make sure that you're doing it correctly when you are on the floor to go into ab exercises okay so always make sure that you calm down nice and safely when you do go onto the back so with your hips as well you always want to make sure that you're not arching your back you're not putting it flat in so that way your hips are up in the air you want to make sure that you've got your hips and pelvis in a very nice neutral position now the way that I always saw this is I always hold my hips and I rock them back and forth until I get into a nice middle ground and it's in a nice place where again my ribs are flaring my hips aren't pointing up I'm not doing this or this it's neutral so what you've got to do is feet on the floor you can put your hands in your stomach as well to always help with that visualization like I said so you want to inhale exhale the belly and then as you exhale pull in the pelvic floor up and imagine you've got those two pieces of rope trying to collect now what you should now feel straight away is that lower abs there and you should feel your core everywhere tighten up then what you're going to do is just go into some very simple exercises here to make sure you're engaging so my muscle connection think about the lower abs let's just bring one leg up at a time now can you feel the difference already with your apps you should be able to because you're holding the contraction while you're breathing while you're talking you're holding you know what it feels like that pelvic floor is connected the Deep transverse abdominus are connected like I said if you want to hold your belly and make sure like again you're wearing a corset you're wrapping it round wrapping those ropes around your stomach navel sucked into the spine you can feel the difference now I want you to relax completely let go of all that contraction allow it just lift those legs up Can You Feel the difference you should be able to so that's going to be your tip guys to make sure that you are connected with the lower core and again you can use this in all different workouts when you're doing just traditional crunches again coming into like a bicycle position coming into regular sit-ups or even coming in to reverse crunches so I hope that tip to help you can use it in so many different workouts and I always advise that you do use this when you are going into even exercises like squats lunges arms deadlifts because engaging with your core is going to help to prevent injury as well as any pressure and additional stress on the lower back it's something that I was taught especially after pregnancy is to always make sure that you're engaging with that deep core connection to keep anything at Bay so I hope this video helped if it did don't forget to give me a big like And subscribe to my YouTube channel and comment below did you feel the difference when you engaged your lower court in that exercise let me know in the comments section below and guys if you enjoyed this type of information video let me know so I can do more and if you want to know my four-step method that's going to help you guys get into the best shape of your life show you how to remain consistent and build up that confidence in your body and your mind then check out my free Workshop 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