How to Forearm Balance

hi friends Kathleen the day oh I got a request on my Instagram page for a how-to on forearm balance so I'm gonna make that here and fYI I will make a video for you if just one person asks me so let me know in the comments if there are any poses you want to learn and I'll make a video just for you okay so this was my nemesis pose for like ten years and before we even get started I want to free up for those of you that are struggling with this pose a common kind of situation happening with this pose so this pose traditionally is done on your forms with the forearms parallel to each other I've been teaching over for 15 years I've been practicing for 25 I have observed that there are quite a number of students that cannot do this and balance in a straight line and I asked all of my anatomy friends if what would be so wrong with doing this or this or this and we all agreed that as long as the elbows stay underneath the shoulders that it doesn't much affect what's happening back here whether or not they that wrists are towards each other or parallel and so if you've been struggling with this pose and you feel really tight your shoulders or tighten your thoracic spine which is where I'm tight I want you to maybe try this because it can completely transform your pose and you'll be so excited here's the deal though so what what you don't want is for the elbows to go out because when the elbows splay out the shoulders go in and this pose requires your shoulders to go outward that means your humerus fell on this long upper arm bone goes external external on the shoulders so that is what's required the second thing I want to give you is this idea a lot of people think informed stand they take almost like a scorpion-like their chest is going down and the shoulder blades retract towards the spine this way and you'll see like a banana back in their form stands that sound like you and that's just this maybe misconception about what should be happening here so actually if you want to make straight line in your for imbalance even though the humerus bone is that Stern is going away this way you actually want to elevate your shoulders elevate up to your ears up to here it's just like in ham stand up okay so when you're in your forearm balance instead of going down the shoulders depressing downward you're going to shrug them up up and that will lift everything out it'll be your head far away from the floor it's going to transform your pose so those are like two major tips right there we could just call it right now but instead we'll keep going okay so we're gonna warm up in forearm plank here so forearm plank now I am able to get my arms parallel in this posture because my chest isn't going back so I don't need that mobility of my thoracic spine anyway so holding plank belly button to spine quads firm now I want you to take some forearm plank sauce so you'll go forward you'll see the shoulders move forward and now back forward and back this is going to be your third essential tip for your forearm stand okay giving this ability to do this okay come on down so now we'll take our dolphin pose which is your perform stand and put in a lot of the things we talked about so if you can get your forearms parallel great I want you to keep doing that if you're like me and you can't it's prohibiting your posture then go ahead I'd like to stack my hands one on top of the other we'll take dolphin pose so involvement pose your Drishti which is your needs is actually towards your feet so when you're going you're looking back and I'm pressing those shoulders back back back back now if I wasn't shrugging my shoulders up I'd be like my head would be going down and you don't want that shrug the shoulders up press the shoulders back breathe so you want to be able to hold your dolphin pose for quite some time because how can you hold your whole body upside down in four amounts if you can't even hold this pose so this is your work breathing used under breathe easy and your dolphin pose holding it like it we're downward facing dog okay well come on down taking a quick break we're going to add on so now we are going to take dolphin and add in that rocking forward so come into your dolphin now your days will shift you'll come up high to your tippy toes shift forward but notice I'm staying up and not collapsing down up and back forward and back forward and back okay little break now we'll add on we're going to lift a leg and do those forward rocking motions okay so walk in lift a leg come up high and tube got my great toes and look high I'm going forward and back forward so this is what the motion will be doing let me take and then the other leg gets up you go back forward and back whoo my shoulders are already burning let's keep it going we'll go second side so right leg lifts up tippy toes forward and back forward and back forward and back okay so before we come up one more little topic points I guess this would be like pointer number four is informed stand your base or your foundation is much bigger than let's say hands down so you have that ability almost a need to kick over a little bit otherwise if this sounds like you if you're kicking up and talking straight back down it's because everything you need that forward motion through the shoulders and maybe that might send a leg a little bit part farther over than you're thinking so I'll show you what that looks like as we pick up into our form balance okay of course you can use a wall alright here we go that was a long putt I was trying to think if they wanted to say something else but here we go blocking blocking look and lift a leg up you're going forward see that forward my legs are kind of split shoulders elevating please okay see if I can show that again so that or weird a notice I was kind of pausing and pulling my legs up don't rush kicking up when we use their momentum to kick up and we don't have control over our body what happens we fall down that's right this is like a door episode where you're expected to up to answer me but yeah you'll just fall over so don't rush slowing things down get control over your body okay so there's a for I'm standing get more hang time because that that foundation is so much kind of wider than ham standards I hope these tips helped you if you have any questions or if you liked the video let me know in the comments if there's another pose you'd like to learn also let me know in the comments I'd love for you to subscribe to my youtube channel thank you so much for joining me namaste

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