I tried ChatGPT Diet for 5 days, here’s what happened | AI taking over the world?

guys welcome back to my kitchen so I was about to make breakfast today but I seriously ran out of ideas so I was thinking why don't we ask Chachi BT and let them decide what we ate for today that would be fun let's do that okay let's see what it says one [ __ ] I ate for breakfast [Music] oh okay they give me five options okay what about lunch oh they also gave me five options like I can definitely spit it into five days okay what should I eat for dinner okay it seems like my friend planted five-day meals for me so let's put it into five days and let's get some breakfast cooking [Music] so I added some fresh basil and a touch of Sesame on top let's eat hmm [Music] I mean you can never go wrong with this it would taste even better if I added some cheese but this is the recipe you gotta respect the AI [Music] so here we have a grilled chicken salad I use chicken breast baby that is and a drizzle of vinegar and truffle oil my favorite I am starving I don't usually have plain salad for lunch because not my type okay let's try some chicken [Music] I think it would be better if I marinated a little bit longer but it is good now [Music] the baby is done [Applause] [Music] here we have snapper fish with sweet and sour brussels sprouts of course I have to add in some rice [Music] [Music] thank you good morning guys today is a froggy and groomy day out so we do need some colors to spice it up let's take it I put some matcha powder on top just to you know try to skip coffee these days hmm wow it's so sour [Music] I woke up this morning got me feeling brand new like I know what to do [Music] so on today's menu we have the veggie wrap I use the whole grain tortilla with spinach tomato and also chicken okay so let's have the first bite how can you ever go wrong with this like you just put in all kinds of ingredients that you like and wrap it together it still tastes freaking good hmm [Music] [Music] quick and easy stir-fried perfect good morning guys today we are having some simple oatmeal with soy milk and berries for breakfast so let's give it a bite I mean definitely got that smooth milky creamy texture but I'm not a big fan of Oats I'll probably do it when I'm in a rush because it's super easy to assemble but again I'm not a big fan of Vault [Music] foreign [Music] so for today's lunch I've made a tomato lentil soup to be honest I never cooked lentil soup before I don't even think I had lentils before okay let's give it a bite it's very rare for me to cook in a western soup not bad but I preferred my Chinese one I think it's very good to drink while you were sick because it's got that sour got a Savory it's a very good combination look at that sunlight [Music] [Music] let's try I'm pretty sure I'll be safe after one or two bite wow okay how do I start it is good but I'm not sure I will make it again [Music] good morning guys today we are having yogurt smoothie as breakfast to be honest it doesn't really look appetizing but uh I'm sure it might be good let's try [Music] it's so sour I think it's probably I mixed yogurt with lots of berries and those berries are like not ripe yet but I'm sure this is very nutritious so let's chop this foreign if I would do this again I would definitely add in some chia seed or flaxseed just to give some more vitamins and more fibers take it away take it away feeling too good to me and all day all in your space is where I wanna be here in this room what did you do I just can't get enough [Music] so for today's lunch I've made a quinoa bowl with shrimp instead of grilled shrimp I boiled it and also stir-fried the rest of the veggie that I found in the fridge okay let's dig in I am starving the sesame oil smells so good hmm why don't I make this often the sesame oil is a game changer oh my gosh this is really good like really really good oh maybe I'm just hungry or maybe it's just I like boom boom Bob and there's a similar to the bibimbap this is a relatively nutritious lunch you get prawn as your protein Source all the vegetables then quinoa as a quarterly carbohydrate nothing bad about it seriously nothing to judge um [Music] [Music] I never had zucchini noodles it looks weird but I'm sure it tastes good [Music] I'm surprised foreign [Music] good morning so this is our last Chachi Pizza breakfast I was intended to do a rose shape but apparently I failed I think you will need the whole avocado to do that but I can eat the whole one so [Music] hmm [Music] not bad [Music] so I made a simple chicken avocado sandwich with some berries on the side let's dig in hmm this is simple quick and freaking delicious cheers I'm definitely trying to reduce the amount of coffee that I drink well I wouldn't say matcha is better than coffee because they both have their own benefits but I do found that I'm more awake for a longer period of time and it is antioxidant so I'm going to enjoy the rest of my lunch I'll see you guys at dinner I don't know [Music] I don't know y'all but I need my rice at the dinner table like it just makes sense with rice [Music] I mean this soup is indeed very nutritious you got natural carbohydrate natural fibers lots of lots of greens foreign [Applause] I mean all of the recipes are relatively reasonable and they are indeed nutritious they did considered including a good amount of protein natural carbohydrate good quality oil and Fiber Well I would definitely make some of the recipes again but they are some that I like to make some adjustments for example like the soup at the end or that baked sweet potato if I would do it again I would definitely put in some chicken or some chickpea just to top up some protein or that yogurt if I would do it again I'll probably add in some granola just to get some more fibers carbohydrates so that it keeps me full throughout the day now there's some debate on whether chechy beauty is going to take over a world and I know that some University in Hong Kong they bended student to use chai gbt well I mean it all depends on how you'll perceive things I don't think it's going to take over our place I think it's a very great tool to assist us to streamline my work it is here to help us rather to control us and it is a robot it doesn't have any emotion I mean it can't taste or feel or describe how great and how delicious that bowl of soup was but we as a human being we can don't forget we invented AI we have the dominant power just be open-minded I mean if you reject the whole AI concept into your life one day you're going to feel left out because the whole world is changing if you don't adapt to change gradually you will be abandoned by the society so what's Jeff the Uncharted BT leave in a comment below I would love to see your thoughts I would love to discuss with you well that wraps on my Vlog here I like to thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next one bye [Music]

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