Intense Fat Burning Full Body Workout | No Jumping Variations Included

We have a 10-minute HIIT workout today! ! Without any burpees or planks, so you decide whether you hate any exercise with planks! I've added 8 brand new episodes into this show, with the full daily schedule available on the website at If you are looking for recipes for meals, I have also launched a new food recipes section on my site to help you. And remember guys, you are not alone on this journey! Share your progress with the rest of the community via Youtube, Instagram, or join Discord if you want more support. Now click like, follow my channel and leave me comments and let's get started! We have 13 exercises today. 30 to 40 seconds of exercise and 10 to 20 seconds of rest. Let's start the exercise with foot touch. Bring your foot up like this and press your foot with your opposite hand. Try to keep your back neutral and engage your abdominal muscles and land quietly. Be safe you don't want to hurt your ankles. . You can always start slow and increase the speed as you get used to the movement. . For low impact just take it nice and slow. 10 seconds of rest, and we do squats and cross-legs. Start in a squat position, then jump up and cross your feet while rotating your upper body. Try to engage your abdominal muscles and keep your back neutral. For low impact do a squat followed by a curl to your side touching your opposite elbow to your knee. And we have jumping jacks. Make sure you engage your abdominal muscles and do them in good shape. Take it gently and slowly for low effect. And it's okay if you need to take a little break. Well, we're increasing the intensity here with the ground touches and cross jumps. Start with a forward lunge, then jump to the middle, like a shuffle, then forward lunge on the other side. Make sure you engage your abdominal muscles, and keep your back neutral. Start slowly to get used to the movement. do not hurry. Focus on the form you are doing for this exercise. For low impact, just don't jump. You guys are doing a great job! Now we have knee raises, make sure you engage your abs and raise your knees to the level of your hips. If you're feeling very tired, you can always run in place, or do a low-impact workout. Just don't give up! Next we have squats and jumps! Start with squats, then jump into jumping jacks. Just make sure you engage your glutes and keep your back neutral, for low impact, just don't jump and make sure you squat deep. Well, now it's time for some big jumps. If you live in an apartment, or just want to avoid jumps, just do the butt kicks for the rest of us, make sure you squat as deep, and then jump as forward as possible. Then do some knee lifts as you move back and repeat. Stay safe and make sure you have enough space and avoid jumping on something that slips. This is difficult, but you are capable, my beloved! Well done guys, we're in the middle of rehearsals! Keep it up! Take a longer break if you need a period of rest, that's okay! Okay, and we have some to do and change. Move and do the scissors move three times, then lower yourself with a downward lunge. Make sure your front knee does not pass through your toes. Go back and repeat. We'll do this side for 20 seconds. Now switch to the other side for 20 seconds as well. Next we have the lateral borders. Jump horizontally to one side, then to the other side. . Do it in a way that you are in control and in good shape. If you feel tired take it gently and slowly. And always, make sure you engage your abdominal muscles. And next we have one-legged reach, . Lower yourself through your hips, by pushing your hips back. As you lower your upper body, try to reach the ground with your hands. Make sure that your back is kept straight here, and do not force yourself to lower yourself down deeply, only to the level that you are capable of, then come back and kick your leg while bringing your hands up if you feel tired, just continue with the lowering exercises and do not give up now. you guys! Now to the other leg. We're almost there, guys! Only three exercises! Make sure you engage your abdominal muscles and keep your back neutral, as you lower down. Okay, next we have a tuck jump followed by a knee lift. Start with a bend at your knees, jump as high as you can, then land softly with a slight bend at your knees. . Then bring your knees up to raise your knees, then repeat. For low impact, just do some crunches while standing upright, touching your knee with your opposite elbow. The final exercise is side lunges and jumps. Start with side lunges, then jump to the center, then lunges to the other side. Make sure you sit with your hips back, and engage your abs while you do this exercise, if you feel very tired, then please just do the low impact without the jumps. We're done with this exercise, guys! Stay on schedule and don't give up!!! We are all together in this exercise and program. Don't forget to click Like and tell us in the comments how the exercises went, and I will see you in the next exercise! Goodbye!

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