Lean Arms Workout Challenge | Lose Arm Fat (No Equipment)

Hi guys! Welcome to the three-week Agile Arms program. Today's episode is a full arms workout to get those skinny arms. You can find a full schedule for this calendar here. Now don't forget to take some pictures or videos of the progress so you can share the rest of us and don't forget to smash that button and subscribe and turn on notifications and let's jump right into the workout We have 22 exercises today between 30 to 40 seconds, and we have a 5 second break in the second set. Let's start with arm circles Draw circles with your arms and start in one direction for 20 seconds. Remember to keep your arms up and don't let them dangle. Now swap in the opposite direction. No relief at all. We go straight into forward and backward beats. Extend your wrist like this and bring your arms forward and pulse and back to the side and pulse. Get ready to do some beats down next. Don't let your arms down. Keep your arms straight as you pulse with your arms. And now the other side. We do beats. We're just getting started guys so don't give up now. It will soon be over. Next is arm rotation. Keep your arms straight and draw a small rainbow with your hands. If you feel tired there, it is the last exercise of the set and we have rest times in the next set. Okay, get on the mat and then we do triceps dips. Slowly lower your body and work those triceps. Remember to tighten your core and use your arms to push your body off the floor and if this is difficult for you then keep your butt on the floor. Get ready and we push the worms inch pressure next. If the usual push-ups are too difficult for you, get on your knees to do push-ups. Return to the floor again and very similar to tricep dips we do shoulder taps instead. Now we get into plank position and do some shoulder plank taps. If this is too difficult for you, or if you cannot do a high plank, do it from your knees. Next we have the vibrating plate. Get into a plank position on the elbow. Remember to squeeze and engage that core and rock your body back and forth. You should feel it on your shoulders and arms as well as your abs here. Make sure you squeeze your abs next we have T push-ups. Do a push-up and then extend your arms straight out like a T and then go ahead and do the opposite side. If you can't do push-ups, do them on your knees. No excuses guys. keep pushing. You can do it. We're halfway there then we have an up and down plank do as much as you can and if you can't get on your knee and do an up and down plank. Next we have Superman, so get back on the mat and start raising your arms and legs at the same time you will feel this in your stomach as well as your back. So keep pushing guys now join your side as we make one push. Wrap your arm around your waist like this and do your best to get some push-ups. It's okay if you can't do a full push-up, just take it slow. Now to the other side next we have a rotation plate. Do it on your knees if you have to, just don't quit now, trust me it will get easier the more you do this exercise. Next we got a walking Crabbe toe to end the second set. Sit on top of the table, walk forward two steps, do a few toe touches, now back and repeat. Great work guys! Now let's finish this exercise with set three which is the same exercises as set one. We start by rotating the arm. So draw some rainbows with your arms. You can do this on your knees or you can do it standing. Now we do some pulses. Just four more exercises to go guys and now down to the pulses. Don't give up now, we're almost here! Forward and backward impulses are next. Extend your wrist and pulse forward and backward. I've got that guy hanging in there! The final exercise is arm circles. This sounds easy but it's very difficult at this point, so let's finish this! Great job everyone! Don't forget to share your progress with me and support each other in the comments! Smash the like button, subscribe and turn on notifications so you don't miss my new movies. You can also follow the daily schedule in the software calendar, and I will see you in the next workout. Farewell!

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