Leg & Booty Workout | 15 Day Challenge

Welcome back guys, we have a leg and booty workout today if you have a pair of resistance bands, feel free to use them as well; We've got 17 exercises, 40 seconds, 5 to 15 seconds. We're going to start with a reverse lunge into a zigzag lunge. Start with the reverse lunge by putting one leg behind you and then bring the same leg so it's behind you diagonally. Then bend back to the center and repeat making sure your front knee doesn't go past your toes. Your Feet Keep your muscles and core engaged too, you can use a resistance band for about half of your workouts today but it's not necessary. If you don't have one, you'll still feel it and now on the other leg next, we're going to cross-squat wide to narrow squat. Point your feet slightly outward and when you squat, make sure you engage your chest muscles and upper spine in the neutral position. And of course your heart is involved then we pulse the squat make sure the squat is as low as possible and pulse twice get a half squat and pulse twice and then back up and repeat glutes and legs Okay, next we have some squats on one foot if you have a pad or a tower It's retractable so you can use it to protect your knee try to work on your balance here guys using your core and your glutes and your leg muscles and as you come up give your abs a little bit now to the other side okay next we have side lunges and foot taps sit your hips back as you come down into a lunge and Try to keep the other leg as straight as possible and then come up and present yourself with the tap. If you have resistance bands now is a good time to put them on and do side lunges now to the other leg keep pressing through guys you can do this Okay guys we've got a 15 second break now you can take a longer break if you want especially If you are using a resistance band or weights. The next exercise is the single leg bridge, so get ready to be flat on the mat with one foot on the mat and the other crossed over your knee like so. Remember to squeeze and engage your core and muscles as you ascend, take your time and maintain the mind-muscle connection. We're halfway through the exercise. Keep going and now we're swapping the other foot. Make sure you squeeze your butt. Okay, now get on all fours and get your right foot cross over and we're going to make some rainbows. Work those guys glutes, keep them busy. This is also a really great thing to do with bands to really feel the burn. Now to the other side next we're going to do some fire hydrant kicks. Lift your leg sideways like this followed by a kick. Make sure you focus on your glutes here. Let's move to the other leg. Three more exercises to go guys, you can do this! Okay great job guys stand upright and have single leg deadlifts now put your palms together like this, plant your working foot on the floor inhale and back neutral, slowly hinge at the hips by pushing your hips back. As you push your hips back you can have a slight bend at your knee and remember to engage your core because that will really help you stay balanced. Do it slowly and under control, and you should feel it in your glutes and core. Now let's switch to the other leg. The last exercise is a 90 degree squat. It's a bit more impactful in the exercise, so feel free to do it slowly without jumping if you want. Focus only on your glutes and legs as you squat and come back up as we rotate 90 degrees each time back and forth. Come on guys, it's the last exercise we can do. This is exercise comrades. I hope you can feel it in your glutes and legs. Hit that like button if you're enjoying the program that much, and I'll see you at the next workout. Farewell!

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