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foreign [Music] challenge with me I'm really excited for this new series that we have coming for 2023 so this is just a quick welcome video so you know exactly what to expect so I will not be posting every single day for the first 15 days I will be so you can access everything that you need on YouTube there will be a calendar provided so you know what to do after the 15 days you can grab that calendar in the description box below so please do make sure that you get access to that and then that way you can keep up with the series for the full 30 days you can expect to get everything from Hit workouts Pilates yoga and so much more including strength and weight loss this is going to be a really great series to help focus on yourself and start the new year with a clearer mindset and a clearer goal so I'm really excited to begin this journey with you please do make sure you get the calendar below and we are going to be kicking off day one tomorrow okay [Music]

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