Lift Breasts and Reduce Armpit Fat in 20 DAYs! 12 Min STANDING Chest Workout, No Equipment

I often see inquiries to share some exercises aimed at improving the shape of our breasts. Some ladies want to have large, full breasts while others want to have smaller breasts. But, can this be achieved using exercises? To answer this question we first need to look at an anatomical picture of the components of your breast. The main component of our breast is the mammary gland which is wrapped and filled with connective tissue and fat while the muscles are located under the breast. These include the intercostals, the pectoralis major, the pectoralis minor, and the anterior muscles. Do you have an answer now? Hello everyone, I'm April Chest exercises target the muscles but because the breast has no muscles these exercises will not increase the size of the breast However, chest exercises can train the muscles located under our breasts hence this provides more support to our breasts Improving the rotation and outward facing of the breasts in At the same time, it can lift the breast and fat layer to a certain extent. This is similar to the mechanisms of breast augmentation surgery. Therefore, this makes your breasts appear visually larger. Especially for ladies who have an A or B cup shape. This will transform your breasts from this to this. For ladies who want to have breast implants. Younger, are you feeling frustrated at this point? Do you feel that there is no longer any hope of having smaller breasts? Not true actually, because exercising can burn fat with less fat in your breasts, your breasts will be naturally smaller and at the same time improving the circulation and the outer face of our breasts transforming your breasts from this to this Moreover, this can positively affect the breasts Supplement and flabby arms Let's quickly summarize for ladies who want smaller breasts. Do this exercise with the full body fat burning exercise video app that I shared previously. For women who want to have larger breasts, these exercises alone are enough to persevere with these exercises for one to two weeks. You will see the changes and your breast shape will be better and your breast and arm attachments will be improved. Okay, let's start with today's exercises. First, let's start by warming up with arm pulses. Raise both arms down a little with the shoulder arm and move them back at the same time. Bend in your shoulder and then return to the starting position. Exhale as you open your arms back. And inhale as you return. Feel the stretch in your shoulder and chest, especially in the armpit and extra breast area. Now, let's fly with one arm. Lift one arm up so that your elbow is at breast level. Place the other hand on your chest to feel the force exerted by your muscles. Exhale when you close the arm and inhale when you return to the starting position. We need to use the chest muscles to bring our elbows in as much as possible. You can feel the tightening of the muscles around the armpit. Okay, let's repeat the same exercise on the other side. Remember that the front chest muscles and the arms must be strong. The elbows must be brought in force. The other hand is used to determine if energy has been used. Enough. You should try to remember the force exerted because this amount of force is required for all of today’s exercises in order to fully train the chest and arms. Do not relax and make sure that our shoulders are far from the earlobes. Okay, let’s do the next step with one arm bent and the other with a fist. Place the first column vertically. On the other arm at the elbow and exert force in both arms for resistance This movement may seem simple on the surface but in reality both arms need to exert a lot of force As you can see, my elbows are shaking The chest needs to exert force to stimulate the arms Both elbows need to exert force inward Okay, let's move on To the other side with both elbows pushing against each other if this exercise is done correctly, it is actually very tiring. You can also feel the force in the chest area and the front armpit. Raise your elbow to the level of your breast because any higher you will start to sag unconsciously and thus cause the trapezius. The upper one is to exert force in a compensatory manner. Okay, let's do this again. Push the elbows against each other forcefully. Don't hold your breath and breathe normally. Don't slack off. You have to exert force. Use all your energy to push both elbows together without sagging your back. Okay, let's move to the other side. Elbow on. Breast level, open your shoulder back, using the force from your chest muscle, push your elbow inward with force. Do not be complacent, you must practice vigorously. We are about to finish soon, so everyone continue! Okay, let's take a short break next, let's do a chest fly using the force from your chest muscle, crossing your arms as a cross with both arms open as much as possible and staying there for a few seconds before returning. You should be able to feel the strength in your armpit and chest muscles. Exhale as you open the arms. Inhale. When you return to the starting point, this exercise is also very tiring. This can improve the external facade and rotation of the breast as well as the accessory breast. The accessory breast mentioned here is the fake accessory breast. There is still the real accessory breast. Apart from that, the size of the real accessory breast is affected by our menstrual cycle. It may be Some have attached nipples and this will require surgery Okay, don't stop and let's do some continuous chest hovering The elbows move outward forcefully Pull the front chest and the armpit inward forcefully Okay, let's rest for a while The next exercise is to press and slide sideways The heels of the palms are pushed together forcefully during the exercises So that we can better exert force using the chest muscles. You can imagine that there is a wet towel at the heel of your palm and you need to press hard to get the water out. Exhale when your palms slide down and inhale when returning to the starting position. Correct breathing technique will not allow us to get better results. Only Also prevents slouching and tense upper trapezius This can also improve rib fans Notice that my heels rest

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