LOVE HANDLE & MUFFIN TOP WORKOUT | 10 min Side Abs Intense Burn ~ Emi

[Music] i asked you guys on instagram what workout video you want me to film next and upon popular demand we will be doing a 10-minute muffin top and left-handed workout targeting the area right here 40 seconds each 15 seconds rest in between first standing side crunch exercise crunch your side abs as you bring your knee up to touch your elbow change sides and 20 [Music] [Music] three two one other side really squeeze the muffin tops here work it i can be good [Music] [Music] rest second cross crunch [Music] exercise engage the obliques as you tap your knee with opposite elbow then extend the leg without dropping to the floor switch side after 20 seconds [Music] three two one change side focus on working the love handles let them burn so just let go and don't hold back i've got you [Music] russian twist chop [Music] exercise sitting in v shape twist your torso and chop to the floor on each side tighten the belly area try keep your back straight engage the side abs [Music] rest fourth heels touch [Music] exercise crunch the obliques reach your heels from side to side like so many times before we look at the same old stars battle the same old force like so many times keep the tension in the abs and core squeeze the side valley for each rep [Music] rest fifth window wiper [Music] [Applause] [Music] exercise lift straight legs from side to side without dropping to the floor [Music] be mindful to really engage and work the side abs for each lift [Music] rest next spider-man hit it [Music] an elbow plank bring your knee in towards the forearms then dip your hip to each side [Music] [Applause] [Music] again focus on using the target area for each rep maximizing the burn we are halfway there already [Music] old town [Music] exercise bring in your knee to touch your opposite elbow pause and alternate sides [Music] [Music] [Applause] she's a heartbreaker rest cross ankle reach [Music] [Applause] [Music] exercise legs pointing towards the sky reach for your ankle with the opposite hand [Music] [Music] lift your torso for each wrap instead of using the necklace [Applause] [Music] rest knife side punch [Music] [Applause] exercise legs bend to the side punch your abs especially the side area as you bring your torso up [Music] in [Music] rest 10 starfish crunch [Music] exercise lie down on the floor like a starfish bring opposite arm and lift up to touch tightening the love handles [Music] we are almost at the finish line guys keep going strong [Music] rest 11 the final challenge side plank tap and dip [Music] exercise in elbow side plank bring top knee and elbow to touch tighten the sides of your waist to keep your body lifted repeat for 20 seconds and go into hip dip [Music] hip dip in three two one this is so tough i am here with you every rep no pain no gain we got this together [Music] rest last one other side [Music] exercise it's not easy but as long as we're giving our best the progress will come [Music] three two one hit it push through the burn you're going to be so proud of what you achieved today [Music] [Music] rest great work thank you for clicking start and completing the workout with us today keep pushing your limits you will be surprised what you can accomplish your efforts will definitely pay off stretch it out and i'll see you again very soon [Music] – LOVE HANDLE & MUFFIN TOP WORKOUT | 10 min Side Abs Intense Burn ~ Emi

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