Mindful Meditation – Day 13 Summer Shape Up

[Music] hey guys and welcome to your meditation session so i think meditation is a really great thing for us to do especially when we're doing a challenge because it gives us the chance to relax and recover in our bodies but it also gets us to relax our mind which is just as important because we all need to take self-care so what i want you to do is i just want you to sit comfortably whatever feels good for you that could be on the sofa on your bed on the floor on a mat like me whatever feels good for you and just gently place your hand somewhere on your body that feels relaxing it might be your hands on top of one another in your legs it might be on your knees just do what feels best for you so i'm going to guide you through a meditation session it's not going to be super long but you don't always need to do meditation for a really long time especially if you're new starting out so what i want you to do is just focus on my voice focus on the music close your eyes and then let's just go for it so close your eyes here and i just want you to focus on your breath breathing in and breathing out breathing in and breathing out you just want to be taking long deep breathing and long deep breaths out really trying to bring the heart rate down so it's not fast paced we're in a relaxing harm environment focusing just on ourselves on this present time so breathe in and breathe out now one of the best visualizations that i have when i do meditation is there are so many thoughts that run through our mind so i just want you to imagine that you're sitting on some grass and there's a little river in front of you imagine that to be your perfect spot your relaxing place no one's there to bother you and all the thoughts that are coming through your head now just imagine that they're in that river and they're just floating past you you don't need to worry about those thoughts right now all that matters is you in this moment focusing on your breath focusing on breathing in and breathing out think about the words in and out that's all i want you to concentrate on all the other thoughts are flowing past you in the river you'll come back to those later but for now just focus on in and out [Music] so we're just going to sit here now together you and me with our breath work i'm just going to relax for a couple minutes [Music] [Music] okay guys i just want you to stay with your eyes closed stay with the breathing i just want you to just come back to the sensation of you so slowly move the tips of your fingers bring some sensation and awareness back to the body and just take your time here there's no need to rush to get up remember we're taking the time for ourselves right now okay so whenever you feel ready i want you to just open your eyes and i just want you to think have some awareness how do you feel in this moment how relaxed do you feel how centered how calm that is all why having self-care is so important just making you feel good so when you're ready to begin to move some of your body just bringing back like i said the awareness back to you and your actual core so that was it for the meditation today i hope you enjoyed this do come into the community and let me know how you felt after that meditation session so that's it from me today so guys that's the end of the workout if you enjoyed this don't forget to hit the like button also subscribe to my youtube channel because it really does help and i hope you guys are enjoying this free 30-day challenge if you are do not forget to join the free community that i have given you guys access to that gives you access to me personally so you can ask me anything that you like we're a community full of amazing people where we're going to be inspiring motivating and supporting one another sharing our top tips hacks recipes nutrition you name it we're all going to be doing it inside this app so make sure you join now for free in the description box below [Music]

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