Neck & Shoulders Pain Relief l 10 mins Yoga Stretches

[Music] guys welcome back so last week i have shared with you the stretches for your lower back this week i want to share with you again very easy and quick workout to relax your neck and shoulders because we sit around on computers all day we check our cell phone like this all day so whenever you're looking down you're contracting the muscles right here so if you stay in this position all day i mean not all day but most of the time you will definitely feel sore around this area so that's why this workout is completely made for you let's go okay sit up tall and straight put your left ear to your left shoulders roll your head to the back look up to the sky now right ear to right shoulders look down stretch the neck muscle at the back remember don't lift up your shoulders like this just put it down shoulders under your ears now to the left [Music] look up to the right and we look down so now we turn to the right first to the right look up to the left and look down we do it one more time [Music] so now gently and slowly roach your head from your left to your right and right to your left [Music] so inhale when you roll your head to the back and exhale when your chin meeting your chest so we do it together for two sets from the left to the right and right to the left as one side [Music] [Music] slowly rot your head back up now use your left hand put it on your right ears and right hand at the back so you gently and slightly exhale push down inhale release so your hand is pushing your head downward but your head is pushing upward so it's against each other remember slowly and gently so no pushing [Music] now we stay in the position for four breathings [Music] [Music] [Applause] put your right hand to the side and start to draw a small circle so put your hand a little bit lower and draw the circle in both directions [Music] so now put back your right hand and start pushing your head meeting your armpits [Music] okay so now we do the whole things in the other side right hand left ears left hand at the back and stay in the position for four breathings [Music] put your left hand out to the side and start rolling circles [Music] now putting back your left hand and head meeting your armpits for four times [Music] so now we're in a tabletop position put your left hand by your left ears inhale exhale inhale exhale so do it for four times [Music] on your last exhale put your left underneath your right and right above your head close your eyes we'll stay here for four breaths [Music] so now slide your right hand in front of your face and put yourself up we are back into tabletop so now we do the right side right hand right ears open close inhale exhale and this time when you're exhaling put your right hand underneath your left and put your left above your head so stay here for four breathings close your eyes and just breathe [Music] [Applause] [Music] again slide your hand in front of your face and push yourself up inhale sitting back on your lap and exhale slide your body forward put your chin on the ground your chest towards the floor so stay here for four breathings [Music] [Music] [Music] slowly walk yourself back up and just stay there for a breath or two to centralize [Music] now put your right leg underneath and left leg above your knees should be together so they are in a straight line so now put your right hand above your head and grabbing your left hand so at the back should be grabbing like this if you can't do that you can use the strap to help with it and close your eyes stay here for four breaths [Music] here comes magic check so your feet stay where they are and you just twist and you're now in a different direction voila so now put your left hand above and right hand underneath grabbing both together [Music] thank you so much for watching and i hope you guys found it useful i know it is very hard to avoid the position looking down because you have to work on your computer you have to check your cell phone you have to read a book so just whenever you feel tight around this area drop everything and give yourself one minute or two minutes stretch simply just roll your neck or roll your shoulders you will definitely feel more relaxed after that you don't have to look every single second into your computers or your cell phone just take a break anyway i hope you guys like it and i'll see you guys in the next one bye [Music] [Music]

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