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hey guys i'm rebecca louise and today on xp if you give me just five minutes of your time i'll be able to get you to burn off 100 calories so are you ready yes you are okay let's start burning that hundred calories so four burpees two give me two more [Music] [Music] number three [Music] that's it give me one more burpee now bring that left leg in front so left arm comes forward kick four burpees again remember we got this for a minute come on guys you can do it you want to burn those 100 calories you got to stay with me last one bring that left leg in left punch come on give me one more burpee big jump at the end your next minute of exercise we've got five push-ups five star jumps one two four last one spring straight up five four three two one back down on the floor we're having no rest we've gotta burn that hundred calories you can come up on your toes if you want to as you come down onto your knees make sure you're just in front of your knees again five star jobs two three four last one back down onto the ground come on stay with me you gotta keep up five four three two last one come on keep it going five four three two one how badly do you wanna burn off that 100 calories five more five four three two one can you give me one star jump yes you can third round let's go for 30 seconds for pine come on bring those knees as high as you can to your chest you're almost halfway through the workout so you didn't even take that long at all come on keep it going bring those knees up high we're going to take out into the next exercise just shortly just keep it going 10 seconds breathe in come on you got no rest in this workout you've got to burn that 100 calories let's go 30 seconds squat jumps and take it nice and low watching those knees and everyone just have a quick look check where your knees are but they're not going over your toes come on guys keep pushing it you think you can't do it well the answer is yes you can you've got less than 10 seconds to go five four three [Music] two three four down to the ground because we're gonna work those abs starfish one two squeeze those abs last one spring back up again into those skater hops two nice and low that's it you got it back down on the ground come on guys you gotta stay with me keep it up just think about those calories you're burning going to motivate you let's keep going and again down we go almost like a crazy lunge we're just a bit wider that's it down to the ground come on wake up guys if you're at home you're getting tired you gotta wake up give yourself some energy just give me four more skates one two three oh make it okay one more minute of exercise you don't do it you've got to come all the way through to the end of this workout to around 100 calories in the plank for 20 seconds drop those hips to the side can you feel your heart rate is up i can feel mine is and i know i've burned off almost 100 calories come on guys you can do it that's it three two one come on to that side and just drop your hips down put your foot on top of each other arm up to the sky come on 20 seconds on this side 20 seconds on the other that's all you've got now maybe you want to work to burn 200 calories and do this workout all over again and you're going to burn double the amount of calories last 20 seconds oh it's only taken five minutes of your time you've got a really good strong workout in oh come on you've got to push it guys stay with me you can do it three two one and there you have it done 100 calories gone perfect well you've got those hundred calories you've taken them and throwing them away take it and throw awesome give yourself oh got plenty more wow for you you can subscribe to the channel it's free to get your very own trainer in your privacy of your own host if you want more information about us you can hit these buttons here you can do our newsletter because for all the fun exciting things that's going on behind the scenes with excellent if you've got any questions at home you can tweet me at the model pilot on facebook me rebecca louise fitness thanks for working out with me today and keep burning those calories

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