Why does he think none of us are playing with him? Juju, hello everyone, I'm Emi, I'm Chad, and this is Ballball. I'm so excited to show you our new ‘shooting corner.' What you see is Emi's design. She found things, bought things, and I bought everything online to make the space more stylish, and the total cost was only HK$2000 (less than US$250) for everything! Including some photography equipment, a monopod, and a softbox. I'll show you everything later. This doesn't include the cost of repainting. Paint Oh yeah! The previous wall color was beige and a little dirty. My home is over ten years old. My dad did it himself. It looks much better. Why would I want to redecorate this corner of the living room? If you've seen our previous videos, you'll know that we shot on the couch across from each other. But you won't see the couch anymore, I threw it away! The sofa here was moved to the opposite side so that I could have space here to redesign it. Maybe when you watched the sports video, you thought we filmed it at Emi's house, but in fact we filmed it in the dance studio downstairs, not her home. You have to pay for every time you shoot there. Even if I shoot a 10-minute sports video, I still have to pay an hour's rental fee. It's not easy to book a time there, which limits the time I can shoot. So I decided to clear this place because I'm very busy. I like to save money, so I spend a lot of time looking for the cheapest, best-looking furniture with good reviews. Is this how to cut it? So hard to open! It’s not fun. I’m not very good at unboxing. Your gift-holding skills are even worse. Why can’t you open it? Take your time Inside, why do you need to cut more of the package? What are you laughing at? Great, carpet: RMB195 – USD28 They also sent this, so I decided to put it here as a foot mat. This is the door, you have to go in like this. Chad thinks I am stupid like this. This is the tent I bought for Ball Ju: RMB145 – USD21 I saw it on the Internet and always wanted to buy it. We wrote his name on it and had to assemble it by myself (Chad did it). I am a good worker. Chad worked hard to read the Chinese instructions. Chad, worker, worker, Chad, can you do it? Worker Chad, it doesn't seem possible. Don't destroy my tent. Juju, Chad is helping you assemble your tent. Are you happy? shake hands! Ball Ju enters the tent for the first time. Is little Juju happy? This is what it looks like in the morning, it looks good. Do you like it? Your name is on it Two mats: RMB56 – USD8 Oh, so beautiful This is a fake plant: RMB175 – USD25 What are you doing? I want to repair this fake plant. Beautiful flower pot, very cheap: RMB34 – USD5 Emi chose well! I bought this painting, it’s so cheap: RMB33-USD5. It matches her tattoo very well. I can’t see it, but here are the feathers. Even my mother said that it looks like my tattoo. It looks like a small table, where the network sharer is placed. There is also space to put things inside: RMB126 – USD18 I originally just wanted to buy a small table to replace the previous table, but then I decided to buy something that can store things! You see how messy my home is, this must be very useful. There is also a lazy sofa: RMB149 – USD21 It’s really big! But not heavy. Wow, what is this? Look, I'm still trying to unpack it, what is she going to do? As a lazy person, I am happy to buy this. It looks very comfortable. It’s only USD21. Wow, what a great price. Do you know the normal price of a beanbag? Super expensive Don’t break it Juju This is your chair Ballball loves sitting on the beanbag, in his chair, and lying in his tent! Balball right? Prove it! Our first look at Ballju on a beanbag Ballju, why are you here? Come on, be smart and then go back and train well. We bought this soft box: RMB94 – USD14. Because the daylight comes in from this side and it is a little dark here. Chad bought a monopod to put on the serious man side of the soft box when he was assembling it. There: RMB195 – USD28 We found that if I put the tripod here there wouldn’t be enough space for me to shoot sports videos and that’s it! Finished filming? Juju comes to Ballball and loves his tent. Back to Ballju's home. This is an introduction to my new ‘shooting corner'. If you like it, please leave a comment below. I like it very much, and Ballball loves it too. You see a very happy dog. I think I can be. A good interior designer Okay next job Juju back to your tent Ballju you like chatting with us don't you? He came over because of this. He felt that we were not focused enough on him. Sorry for blocking Juju – ROOM MAKEOVER ON A BUDGET! Hong Kong Room Tour

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