Side Crow and Flying Scissors Yoga Class

hi friends kathy madeo here back with another video this one a yoga class where i focus in on weaving side crow into it i want to let you know the reason why i haven't been posting as many weekly videos on here is because i do run an online yoga school called kathy madeo yoga and i produce a lot of online courses and trainings and i have been busy making my latest online series that i want to share with you now it's called activate your arm balances so if these postures are something that are new to you or you feel like you don't have enough strength or not quite sure how to get into these poses that's why i made this series i cover the nine most common yoga arm balances i give you a tutorial in each of them where i break it down from the very beginning and i also do a foundations video to teach you about the mechanics of arm balancing as well as a video on building strength for arm balancing as well as six practice along classes so stick around for the trailer which i'll post at the end of this video and check the description box of this video because i'm giving you a guidebook on the four things that are preventing you from arm balancing and i also have a special discount code just for you for my latest series but for now let's get started with our class [Music] welcome to your class where we'll weave in side crow and flying scissors practice meet me in a child's pose position knees wide big toes touch we'll stretch the arms out and place our forehead down let's take a moment here to center in on your mat transition into cultivating a mindfulness as you move through your practice today building strength and exploring take another couple breaths here and we'll inhale lift the forehead up take your left arm underneath your right threading it through the palm is facing up and turn your head to the right and we'll take our right arm and get a little side bend stretch here as well next inhale we'll return to our starting position as we thread the right arm through allow the right head of the arm bone to move away from your ear and maybe walk the left arm over just a little bit and we'll inhale to come out come into our tabletop position we'll take just a few wrist push-ups here as we lift the heel of the hands up and down just warming up our wrists and we'll release that and take a few dancing line circles warming up the joints a little bit more and we'll switch directions from here straighten your right leg out left arm out for a balancing tabletop holding here we'll take everything down that's lifted and then lift it back up firing up our back body and the glute muscle that we'll need for our flying scissors keep lifting up and take your left hand down bend your right leg bring it out to the side and then we'll try to tap the triceps so a little micro crunches here as we get into the obliques shortening the right side body and we'll set the knee down on an inhale big sweep of your right arm up and thread the needle as you allow the right shoulder blade to splay away from the spine going deeper into this twist we kind of started with in our child's pose and if you wanted to you could straighten out your left leg and again thinking of that lift off we need of the back leg for our flying scissors keep your outer left hip closed for balance we'll set the knee down switch sides straighten your left leg reach your right arm out neck is nice and long we're taking our arms arm and leg down and up down and up two more place your right hand down bend your left knee tap the left tricep and back shortening through your left side body feeling the obliques crunch in we'll take two more here set the knee down inhale left arm up exhale thread it through you can reach your right arm out square off your hips here we'll curl the right toes under and then lift the right foot up from the strength of your right glute muscle think of that flying scissors here we'll set the right knee down and push back up into our tabletop walk your hands out a little bit curl your toes and we'll move through turbo dog into our downward facing dog you can feel free to pedal your feet out here push into the floor get a nice stretch on an inhale we'll sweep the right leg up exhale take a twist over to the left with that right knee and inhale up so now we're going across the body using the obliques in a different way here on an inhale reach your right leg up exhale place your right foot in between your hands meet me in a high crescent lunge and we'll take this into a twist as our right hand comes behind us left arm reaches forward we'll circle the right arm in one direction and circle it in the opposite direction we'll continue to open up through this twist and we'll take a exalted lunch here as the left arm lifts up as you exhale set your left hand down and turn your chest to the right we'll roll to the outer edge of our left foot stack your right foot on top for a side plank take your right hand on your hip and we'll take some hip dips here so we continue to strengthen the obliques for our arm balances today meet me in a plank pose take an inhale exhale chaturanga inhale upward facing dog open through the chest and exhale back downward facing dog and we'll just switch sides so left leg lifts exhale thread it through tap your right arm inhale up exhale tap inhale up exhale tap we're doing one more inhale and exhale next time you inhale up we'll exhale place the left foot in between our hands and rise into a high crescent lunge so front knee bends back heels reaching away we'll twist now the chest to the left the arms open up we'll circle the left arm in one direction and then nice and easy just switch directions we'll take this into an exalted lunge you reach back as far as feels good take your right hand place it underneath the shoulder keep the hips where they are just turn the chest make sure your upper right arm bones moving away from the chest as you transition into your side plank from here left hand on hip gaze down towards the floor dip the hips down and push up down and up think of using the glute medius and the obliques here good we'll come into plank pose take an inhale nice and strong shift the weight forward just like that arm balance chaturanga inhale upward facing dog and exhale it back downward facing dog a couple breaths here so let the body warm up on an inhale big sweep of the right leg up exhale place your right foot inhale back into that high crescent lunge we'll return to this open twist and now we'll bring our hands to prayer and hinge forward and hook the outside of the arm to the outside of the leg press your palms together ignite the back leg a little bit more more power there now look down towards the front of the mat big push-up push off rather as you step it forward into your revolved chair pose breathing here perhaps we could go a little deeper as i bring my chest closer to my thighs and open up the top arm from here we'll bring the hands back to prayer weight shifts to the right

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