SLIM ARMS + GET RID OF FLABBY FAT! 30 Best Exercises in 15 min TABATA (Results in 2 Weeks) ◆ Emi ◆

Hello everyone, my name is Emi. This month I have released a video on 30 exercises for abdominal muscles and a video on special exercises for legs. Then many people asked me to add another video on special exercises for arms. So, here it is! I picked 30 arm exercises that I use at home and can be done in 15 minutes! These exercises have helped my arms become thinner and tightened. This is another Tabata exercise. Do each movement for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds. Follow me and enjoy the exercise. Are you ready? Let’s get started! Let's first warm up by drawing circles with our arms. Stretch out your hands to the left and right sides and draw circles together for ten seconds clockwise and ten seconds counterclockwise. All arms must move, not just the forearms. You must have a good start. Come on. ! The second exercise is called inchworm. The hands are slowly moved forward from the floor in front of the feet to the high stick position. The hands are directly under the shoulders. The abdominal muscles should be tightened and the body should become a straight line. Then the hands should be slowly walked back. , all the way to the floor in front of your feet. This exercise will not only help your hands, but also your whole body. The third exercise is called shoulder tap. The body should be in the high stick position, and then one hand taps the shoulder on the other side. Take turns with each hand. Tap the other shoulder for 20 seconds. The center should be very stable. Try not to let your waist swing from side to side. The fourth exercise is called knee push-ups. Put your knees on the ground, bend your elbows, let your upper body come down, and then push yourself up again. One secret is to keep your elbows Keep your shoulders close to your body. Your arms will be sore, but the soreness means it is useful. Challenge yourself, take a deep breath, and continue to exercise. The fifth exercise is to stand up again, do some aerobic exercise, jog and punch. Run on the spot, then take turns punching forward with your hands and punch harder. It will make the exercise more effective. The sixth exercise is called Special Forces. This exercise is a bit difficult. Start with the elbow stick position, then push the upper body up with one hand and one hand to the high stick position, and then come down with one hand and one hand. It only takes 20 seconds. Come on, we can do it, we can Achieve goals! The seventh exercise is called bell-ringing. Make fists with both hands together, pretend there is a bell above your head, and knock hard. This exercise will especially train the fat under the arms. Knock hard! The eighth exercise is called wall push-ups with your hands on the wall. It is very similar to normal push-ups. You can adjust the difficulty of the exercise yourself. If it is more difficult, just move your feet further away from the wall. The farther your feet are from the wall, the more effective the exercise will be. Come on, make good use of it. Every minute and every second of exercise! The ninth one is called going from stick pose to downward dog. Start in the high stick position, then push the floor hard with your hands, raise your waist so that the body becomes an inverted V shape. The inverted V shape is called downward dog position. Change from high stick pose. Go to downward dog and then back to high stick, keep breathing, keep moving! The tenth exercise is called From Elbow Stick Pose to Dolphin Pose. In fact, this is very similar to the previous exercise, except that the elbows are on the ground, so the movement will be more difficult. Don’t stop, just a few more seconds, come on! One-third of the campaign has been completed! The eleventh exercise is to stand up and cut diagonally. This is fun, but it is also effective. Put your hands together and cut diagonally downward, just like your hand is an ax cutting wood. The harder you cut, the more effective the exercise will be. This exercise is called triceps extension, which will burn the fat under the arms. Put your hands on the back of your back, come up a little on your waist, then come down so that your butt touches the floor lightly, and then go up again. This counts as one time. I know it's very sore, but you have to believe it. To me, everything is worth it! ! The thirteenth is called yoga push-ups. Start in the upward dog position and then go up to the downward dog position. Your elbows should be bent to bring you back to the upper dog position. It is a difficult exercise, but it is also a very effective exercise! Come on, enjoy this soreness. I'm almost feeling better. I'm so tired after doing the last exercise. For the next move, be a little more relaxed. Pull your arms and stretch your hands forward. Put your palms toward the floor, then move your elbows back. You should also pull your shoulders back and tighten your hands. Reach forward and focus on pulling your elbows back. It may seem simple, but your hands should feel sore. Let your body continue to move. The fifteenth one is called One-Handed Stick Pose. Practice it on the right side first, using the High Stick Pose as the starting point. posture, and then put your left hand on the back of your back, don't move. I know this is difficult, but everything will bring you closer to your goal. If it were easy, everyone would have succeeded long ago, don't give up! We are already halfway through the exercise. The sixteenth exercise is the same as the fifteenth exercise, just changing hands. I know you want to lie down, but if you hold on for another 20 seconds, you can do it. You have to prove to yourself that the seventeenth exercise is called I also like this kind of push-up exercise. Lift your waist so that your body becomes an inverted V shape. Bend your elbows and lower your upper body so that the top of your head is very close to the floor. Then return to the starting position. Come on, don’t stop! The eighteenth exercise involves standing up again. Flying your arms is very similar to the first exercise. Extend your hands on both sides and move them up and down together, as if you have wings that allow you to fly. Don’t underestimate this action, fly hard, it will be very effective. The nine exercises are called stick boxing. My favorite exercise is to start with the elbow stick position and then punch forward with one hand. The boxers take turns to hit left and right, and hit hard! Get rid of all the worries and negative emotions. The twentieth exercise is called Wings Fly. Bend your upper body so that it is almost parallel to the floor. Throw your hands back and tighten your back and shoulders. Only one-third of the exercise is left. Come on, next exercise. It's called a hand-separated knee push-up. It's very similar to a normal push-up. But when you get to the ground, quickly lift your hands off the floor and then put them back. Keep doing push-ups. I won't give up, and neither will you! The twenty-second exercise is called Crab Walk. Put your hands on the back of your back and walk back slowly until you have no room to continue walking. Walk forward and back for 20 seconds. The twenty-third exercise is called thigh-slapping with a high stick posture. Then use one hand to pat the thigh on the same side, alternately patting both sides. One of the reasons why I like exercise so much is that although there are many things in life that are uncontrollable, the changes in our body are completely within the scope of our control. If we work hard, we will have results. Even if you want to give up, keep persisting and you will succeed. The twenty-fourth exercise is called Superman. Lie on the floor with your hands and legs stretched out. Lift your hands and legs together. Try to lift it as high as possible. Come down, then go up, with your back You should feel a little sore. The twenty-fifth exercise is called diamond knee push-ups. This exercise will especially train the triceps and burn the fat under the arms. The thumbs and index fingers of both hands should touch together to form a diamond shape, and then follow the normal I know it's very sore to do push-ups in this way, but soreness means it's useful. Don't be lazy. You can rest later. The twenty-sixth exercise is called one-handed tabletop practice. First practice the right side of the body and the left hand without moving. The higher the butt, the better. You may think I'm about to die. I'm also in a lot of pain, but I know we can endure it. Come on, there are only a few seconds left. Twenty-seven is the same exercise. This time the other side of the body raises your right hand. Come on, keep going, don't give up. The higher the better, there are less than two minutes left in the whole exercise. The last few movements need to be worked on. The 28th is called side stick pose. Turn to the right. Start with the elbow stick pose. Raise your right hand, let the body turn to the right, and then Come down, the exercise is almost finished, come on! This time it’s the same exercise but raise your left hand and turn your body to the left. We finally get to the last exercise, this one will make your arms particularly sore! Half-stick posture starts with high stick posture and then the body slowly comes down. Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and do not move. Keep your elbows close to your body. I know you want to lie down. It is very difficult. Continue to breathe. The whole exercise will be completed soon. Now, if I can complete it, you can also complete the last exercise! Success! We have completed 30 arm exercises! You guys are great. If you want to shake your arms and stretch your tendons, you can also watch my stretching videos. Although my arms feel like jelly, I like this feeling. It is this feeling that lets me know that the exercise just now is effective. To bring me closer to my goal, I suggest that you do this exercise two or three times a week. You can also look at my monthly calendar to see how to arrange a month's exercise schedule. I am happy to exercise with you. See you next time! Byebye 15 minutes of 30 arm exercises

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