Slim Leg & Tone Booty CHALLENGE! | NO SQUAT 12 Min Beginner Friendly Workout!

Hello everyone, today's video aims to improve two areas of our bodies. The first is the hips. This exercise can increase the burning of fat in the hips area, obtaining a wonderful and attractive butt shape. The exercise also works on the leg as well. It not only works on slimming the leg by burning fat, but also It works to solve the problem of a very tight knee, thus correcting the problems of the protrusion of the front thigh and the large calf. Finally, by strengthening the hip, it works to reduce the pressure on the foot when we engage in walking and running in our daily lives, and thus it will gradually slim the foot. This is why people say We should pay attention to the hip exercises first to get thinner legs so that we do not delay further. Let us start with today’s exercise. We will warm up first with this exercise. Stand and raise one leg up in the form of a circle, taking the knee as the center of this circle. You can hold on to the chair or the wall to adjust the balance. Tighten both your buttocks and your torso. Stay still without moving your body as you rotate your leg Okay, let's switch the leg now This exercise can be done slowly Do not hold your breath and just breathe as usual Tighten both your butt and trunk to maintain balance Next, we will lift the dumbbell with one leg You can hold on to a chair or a wall for this purpose This The exercise is very effective in treating a very tight knee. It also works on tightening your buttocks. Make sure to tighten your butt throughout the exercise. When you lower your upper body, exhale and tighten your trunk. It is not necessary to raise your leg high as long as it is parallel to the ground. Then do your best to spread your leg back. Continue doing so. For a few seconds to feel the burn in the hip area and the back side of the thigh. Return to normal as you inhale. Make sure to bend the supporting leg, especially when you lift the other foot so that it is parallel to the ground. The supporting leg should be bent. Okay, let's switch the leg now. This is the most effective exercise to correct a very tight knee. Buttocks. Weakness and the back of the thighs are the reason behind very tight knees, especially weak hamstrings, which causes excessive tension in the knee joint, and the body’s center of gravity shifts forward to maintain balance. Our bodies will press the thighs and calves forward, resulting in larger front thighs and larger calves, and then This exercise trains our weaker glutes and hamstrings to correct posture and straightening. Well, the next exercise is a bridge-shaped bend with the butt. This can effectively train the glutes and the area behind the thighs as well as the lower back. To get faster results, you can use an elastic band. Let's first learn about exercises on how to activate your glutes. Lie down and place your hand on your butt. Imagine that you are holding a thin piece of paper. By squeezing your buttock, you should be able to feel the tension. Check this with your hands. Maintain the tension and lift the hip up until the hip and body form a straight line. Keep it like this and recover until your butt is barely touching the ground. Make sure that only your heel is on the ground and not the full foot. This ensures better engagement of your glutes. Your glutes must be tightened. This is also the key point of this exercise to ensure a good result. Let us rest for some time. Next is an exercise. Side plank with leg lift Tighten your butt and hold your leg there for a few seconds at the highest point Tighten your glutes while holding your leg there You should feel a tightening of your glutes Then return to the starting position Hang on guys our muscles are really missing some good exercises because we're sitting For a long time every day. Therefore, in these ten minutes you must do your best and do all the exercises correctly. Yes, you can do it! Well, the next exercise is donkey kicks. If your knees are weak, you can stand and do back exercises instead. This exercise effectively engages our muscles. Tighten your torso and open your back to ensure that the back remains flat without slouching or arching. Maintain the angle of your knee and raise your leg toward the ceiling. Link your toes. Your feet back and fix your heel on the ceiling as much as possible. You can feel that your glutes are working now. It is not necessary to raise your leg high and your back should not go down now. Switch the leg. Tighten your trunk and do not arch your back inward. Fix your heel to the ceiling by exercising your glutes while maintaining On your hip parallel to the floor Your glutes are the muscle group responsible for hip shape and are essential for maintaining good posture and participating in running, jumping, and walking Hang on! The glutes are very difficult to work with and will only produce results with intense exercises so stay strong, we can do it! Okay, let's take a quick break and then lie on your stomach to open and close your legs. This exercise trains your butt, legs and back. Engage your glutes and lower back muscles. Lift your leg slightly off the ground and open it. Exhale when you open and tighten your leg. Wait for a few seconds, then inhale and close your legs. Wait for a few seconds. Then inhale and close your legs to see a faster result. Hold a small dumbbell or water bottle with your leg. Keep your knees and heels together. Connect your toes, moving your heels to your butt, as close as possible. Tighten your butt throughout this exercise. Exhale with your leg bent up. Make sure you do not lift your thighs. Off the ground, then inhale and count. This is another effective exercise to address very tight knees. Okay, let's take a quick break. We are now in the last exercise, walking with your butt in a bridge shape. This will once again train your glutes, core, and the back of your thigh. Make sure you don't bend your hip when you lift. Your leg Tighten your core and buttocks to keep your thigh and body in a straight line When switching between legs, keep your hips and body stable Hang on, guys, we'll be done soon, don't give up! Let's stretch now First, we're going to stretch the butt Place one leg over the knee of the other leg and lift the supporting leg Pull the leg toward

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