Slouching Too Much? 10 min Full Body Office Stretch (Relieve Neck & Back Pain, Swollen Legs)

hi guys i'm emmy so many of us spend a lot of our time sitting in front of computers slouching and scrolling on our phones stressing our neck tensing up the back which lead to poor posture neck and back pain headaches bad circulation as well as swollen legs sitting for a long period of time also slows the metabolism causing obesity muscle and bone loss as well as aging so today's full body stretch video is perfect for you to take a short 10 minutes break from work release the tension in your neck back spine and legs improve health alignment and posture so not only do you feel better but also look better you can do this anywhere anytime all you need is the chair that you usually sit on you can set a goal try to do this every day for at least 10 days and i promise you're going to feel a huge difference in your life so if you're ready for the stretch let's begin 12 office stretches 40 seconds each 10 seconds rest for transition [Music] first neck rotation exercise rotate your neck in a circular motion let your head drop to release the tension and the neck [Music] three two one change direction [Music] rest second cross road turn [Music] exercise tilt your head up then down and turn towards your right and then left stretch and relax the neck for better alignment and posture [Music] [Music] rest third sky reach [Music] exercise take a big inhale bring your arms up and reach for the sky stretch out the spine and then exhale hands back to center [Music] rest fourth side bed [Music] exercise arm above your head bend to one side for 20 seconds stretching your obliques and spine remember not to slouch keep your chest open three two one at the side [Music] rest fifth sitting twist [Music] exercise twist your torso to one side sit tall as if someone is pulling the top off your head take a deep breath and twist even more look towards the back three two one twist to the other side [Music] rest six shoulder rotation exercise rotate your shoulders back make sure you're sitting up tall and not slouching keep your neck and shoulders relaxed [Music] three two one rotate towards the front we are halfway through [Music] rest seventh hip stretch [Music] exercise left foot on right knee gently fold your body towards the front keep your back flat you should feel a stretch in your lower back and back off thighs [Music] three two one switch leg [Music] [Applause] [Music] rest eighth floor reach [Music] exercise fold your body to the front and reach to the floor from left center and right back to center again lengthen and relax the tight lower back hey do you remember 20 something years ago those cold nights in december and the sound of the fallen snow the fireplace warm and nice the vhs movie box you're all broke down towards my scenario rest ninth back my bed right now exercise stand in front of the chair stand back and reach for the chair look up to the sky to open up your chest just hold it here all we had was time hey do you remember sneak it out in the night almost there ten seconds [Music] [Music] stand behind your chair bend down with hands on the back of your chair keep pushing down to stretch your legs arms and spine i wouldn't think twice a pair of jeans and a dusty shirt we didn't have a dime [Music] no you and me were poor stirred all we had was [Music] heels and toes up [Music] exercise holding onto the back of the chair stand tall with heels up then toes up working and stretching the calves getting the blood flowing in our legs alternate for 40 seconds [Applause] [Music] [Music] and all we had [Music] stretch [Music] exercise step one leg back keep your heel on the floor front leg bend and sit lower feeling the stretch and your back legs carved [Music] three two one change leg then you're still there smiling at me there's so many times before and we are done great job hope you enjoyed the stretch with me and it's helpful with your daily work life to release attention improve your health and also to re-energize your working day see you again very soon [Music]

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