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Standing Weight Loss Workout (6 Mins)

welcome to your standing cardio for weight loss guide and thanks functional beauty for sponsoring this video today's workout is a fun energetic aerobic dance routine and trust me the time passes by it so quickly when you are doing workouts like these I mean doing aerobic style workouts for weight loss for about nearly India and I'm genuinely always so surprised at my results and how amazing I feel afterwards and if you love this routine guys and then I want to invite you to become a member of pink dragon click on the link below in the description box and complete the quiz for more information to see how you can finally reach your goals now before you dance up a sweat I want to introduce you to function of beauty and amazing and unique hair care brand that lets you customize your own shampoo and conditioner this is haircare personalized people so when I'm looking for a shampoo and a conditioner I look for ingredients that won't damage my color and are always sulfite free right now my hair goal is to keep it looking hydrated and strong as well as focused on protecting my color because I honestly hate it when the blonde begins to fade away so when I found functioning beauty I felt like my prayers had been answered forget the right shampoo and conditioner for your own hair you literally just have to fill out a two-minute quiz outlining your hair type goals and personalization preferences you even get to choose the own color of your bottle and the fragrance which is so cute I pick pick because you know who doesn't love pink and I went for the bestseller scent of peach and Mandarin oh my god it seriously smells amazing the one thing that really got me sold on functional Beauty though was that the products contain no parabens sulfates GMOs or toxins they're also 100% vegan and cruelty-free and so it's protecting my hair color is such an important goal to me I was really happy to see that now since I've been using my personalized shampoo and conditioner my hair has been killing it no seriously it goes so soft smells insane and I honestly feel like my color hasn't faded at all I really love everything about this product from the bottles to the personalization of my name and the said I'm definitely going to continue to keep using functional beauty because this has been the only shampoo and conditioner that has done exactly what I wanted it to do and you get more than just shampoo and conditioner you can personalize your own serum hair mask and even a leave-in treatment to get your hair looking even better I went for the leave-in treatment and I've been using this on my hair when it's try to make it look lost move and polished so if you follow the link below guys you will get 20% off your first order so what are you waiting for finish this workout today and then get yourself some personalized hair care okay guys so welcome it to your 6 minute aerobic cardio standing weight loss workout I absolutely love doing routines like this because they're not fun but it really help to burn calories so just follow along with me enjoy the music enjoy the movements and do what you can yes so bring those legs front get the whole body involved guys make sure you're bouncing [Music] step forward outset for change clap into star drops guys keep that core contracted Pudge forwards reach the arms up let's get those hips going twist step four change [Music] let's do little jumps guys heads jump jump jump jump [Music] the attention got the pace punch forward other arm twist those hips I said bring those knees up kick up up up repeat other side [Music] [Music] sit up with star drops twist around to the back twist to the front keep going [Music] run let's go back to the side ones let's do those little feet shuffles bring the knee and then let's cross those legs jump up and down let's do little runs [Music] cross those feet guys kick forward forward side add the boot and side side side [Music] jump back guys back front back front [Music] back and front let's bring those knees up other leg so guys just have fun with this keep going [Music] guys really preach here kick those legs out bring those arms up let's come down into some plie squats guys keep breathing you've got long left with those hips let's go back to those full change guys step step step jump that's it guys keep smiling let's do some turns clap well done guys let's just breathe in and stretch out let's come down the right side left side and up well done so guys that is the end of your dance aerobics standing or weight loss workout I hope you really did enjoy this today if you did don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and give this video a big thumbs up and if you guys did enjoy this then I know you are going to love pink dragon so make sure that you check out the link in the description box below to do the quiz now I want to turn it over to you did you manage to complete the entire workout today let me know in the comments below [Music]

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