Healthy Smoothie Recipe For Detox (How I Lose Weight & Get Fit) ~ Emi & Chad

[Music] here we go morning guys Oh Paul and I are gonna go see Emma she's woken up early as usual to go make her healthy smoothie so Papa and I gonna go say hi morning most of you guys know from my Instagram story that I've always thought my morning with a fresh healthy food theme because I believe that in order to get fit that's very important to be incorporate a healthy diet as well apart from just exercising so I'm going to show you today my smoothie with my beautiful fiancee chopping up the fruit is a three day liquid house juicing challenge Wow shiny so the cool thing about this new blender is that it uses the stay fresh vacuum technology which keeps the juice both fresher and tastier so for this red track and fruit and plum juice recipe I'm adding a quarter of the red track and fruit three pieces of plums 250 ml of oat milk and one tablespoon of chia seeds this juice is rich in dietary fiber and probiotics which are good for preventing constipation why is potassium lowers blood pressure reduces water retention in our body and protects against stroke as you can see the blender is now removing the air inside this is how the stay fresh vacuum technology works because the ingredients are blend under vacuum situation the smoothies are a lot fresher and tastier and you can keep them for a longer time unlike traditional blenders which you have to drink the juice as soon as possible otherwise this color texture and taste will all change and the best thing is that this blender really helps keep the fresh even after a while so check always complete you know rather she will be in a brush and so he can just grab the Jews and to get out to drink and it won't have the oxidizing situation like because they use the vacuum technology to sow all the air so right now Emma's gonna do an experiment comparing the vacuum blender versus a traditional blender to see the different effects and I'm going to make green apple juice to show you guys what's the difference of the juice of the two hours yeah so this glass of the green apple juice is blend by a traditional blender and now I'll use the Philips looking planner to plan another one so I just need to press this button on the panel and a blender will become vacuum to prevent oxidation [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] so this is right after the blending – I would have hit the human path yet even initially like just a few minutes you can see the very obvious difference color wise so the one was the Phillips packing blender the color is much brighter and less foam once proud what scream cut Lee one breath wow it's really a lot smoother I think the texture wise yeah looks like it's been blended better yeah this is your go so now we're going to leave them for two hours and we'll see it was a different just fall for you to eat the apple nicely yeah it's nice yeah and we're hooking up would be two hours later wow I knew the not back in blender one would turn brown yes I know it's Beckett so you know you see other yeah this is still all good fresh yeah right and you can also see on top this one so it has a lot of fun yeah this one that's pretty good Oh mmm there's been a few years since after making my own juice I really like it because it's much healthier than you know getting store-bought juice and it has let's do a good feel like a safer to it because you have to control aren't the ingredients you know these days you don't know what they put yeah preservatives sugar substitutes and all that chemical well I think that the biggest problem that we were having was that you know it's difficult to keep the freshness and the nutrients within the juice after a certain period of time so this new vacuum than the technology the fact that can be able to preserve the nutrients and prevent the oxidization process is really good yeah we should get hey Mikey you like another reason I really like these smoothies because a lot of times they blend like superfood and vegetables and put all together you know somehow really healthy who's like hell and finish it tastes a bit bitter doesn't on their own when they're in smoothie however the sweetness from fruits really cover the bitterness oh it's such a good way for me to take in dietary fiber and nutrients which I correctly she smart we think it both part yes what a fool it would be Jackie and then another great thing about these recipes is that they're low calories and it's a great thing to have before or after your workout so to all of you guys who are also on your fitness journey I really recommend these vacuum blended smoothies yeah what helps me alright guys hope you enjoy this video remember to Like comment subscribe and press the back button and we'll see you back – Healthy Smoothie Recipe For Detox (How I Lose Weight & Get Fit) ~ Emi & Chad

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