5 min WARMUP ROUTINE | Full body

hi everyone Mikael here with your quick five minute full-body warmup today we're going to prepare your body for the workout ahead we're incorporating dynamic stretches and slowly getting that heart rate up to prepare your body now I have tons to choose from on my channel I have four workouts I have hit workouts so the choice is yours so let's get to it for our warmup today we're going to do 30 seconds per move with ten moves total let's bring our feet nice and wide starting with shoulder rolls back for four three two one and forward four three two and one back for four three two one and forward four three two and one and back good deep breaths and Fort Worth alright arm rolls we're gonna slow it down back for four three two one forward four three two good full range of motion and four three two one and forward four three two and one good let's warm up our neck tilt the chin down then tilt the head to the left tilt it down tilt it right good semicircles here warming up through our neck and cervical spine [Music] all right reach your right arm overhead find a side Bend then scoop through your belly make a circle with your hands and your arms then a reach to the other side good scoop around your arms then reach scoop and a reach long nice stretch through the side body [Music] all right two feet together here we're gonna do need pull so we're gonna grab one meat then the other grabbing our knees and drawing them into our chest got pulling up nice and tough [Music] alright let's extend one leg out in front of us top the heel and flex the foot we're gonna reach forward bending the other knee step together switch sides reach stop together good feeling that dynamic stretch through our hamstrings in the back of our legs let's take our feet hip-width here we're gonna squat down draw those elbows back and then reach for the sky and rise up cut inhale down exhale reach core is strong inhale down exhale reach all right hands in front of our heart here we're going to twist twist knee good twisting to the side that the knee is coming up if that makes sense twist twist [Music] alright let's jog it out for our last two movements here we're going to get our heart rates up and get our bodies ready for the workout ahead good let's get those arms moving for the last few seconds if you want to get those fees up a little bit higher then you can all right modified Jack's here we're gonna tap out and then switch top and tap yeah let's speed it up for the last few seconds do you want to do a full-blown jumping jacks you can good almost on the warm up alright good job you guys I can't wait to see you in our workout and I hope you feel warm see ya [Music] you

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