Yoga For Hip Mobility (30 Minute Practice Along)

hi friends Kathy Madeo back with another video This One Yoga for hip mobility if you feel tight in your hips or like you have a limited range of motion then this class is for you you don't need any props unless when you go into a squat your heels lift off the ground then grab a block or any prop that you can set under your hips let's get started [Music] thank you [Music] we'll begin at the back of our mat in child's pose so you can widen your knees walk your hands out and rest your forehead down we'll just take a few centering breaths here as you let go of anything that was just happening set an intention to just practice mindfully on your mat in this moment you might even hear begin to notice areas of tension or sensation around the hip joint and so we'll cultivate a deeper awareness as we move through our class today and I'll invite you to release any Judgment of your body or any expectations and just be curious and again mindful take one more breath here on your next breath we'll move into a tabletop position here so hips stacked right over your knees and we'll begin to take big circles so we're moving the hips all the way back towards the heels and circling around and so we're starting to move really a lot of our joints here and we want to First Circle through the joints to help lubricate our joints when we do this it sends the synovial fluid it kind of triggers the synovial fluid in the joint so that we can move with a little bit more freedom switch directions and I'll remind you or maybe this is new information to you but we won't be stretching so much today as stretching muscles has more to do with flexibility today's class is focused on Mobility which is active range of motion in your joints and we're focused on the hip joint today so come back to your tabletop position from tabletop keep your right knee bent but bring the knee behind you so that it's still right in line with your hip now from here we'll externally rotate the thigh bone so we're moving it out to the side and notice any compensations on the left side of your body like are you leaning way over to the left is your left elbow bending a lot we'll try to distribute the weight evenly here and bring your right knee in line with your right hip and then now bring it back so it's just hovering back at your starting point and we'll move with more fluidity here as we begin our hip circles so again getting that synovial fluid to move through the hip joint with a little bit more freedom as we go through our exercises today the next time it's down we'll switch directions so abduct bring the right knee out to the right bring it behind you now down and around so big circles here again trying to distribute your weight evenly and keep your neck nice and long we have a tendency to drop the head in this position so crown of the head is forward as you're circling the knee and we'll place the knee down and just simply switch sides so we'll start with the pattern slow so send your left knee back Circle it out to the side being mindful of any compensations trying to distribute the weight back down to starting and then we'll start a little quicker with this movement here so if you hear any cracks that's actually just air through your joints as long as it's not painful It's Perfectly Normal and we're switching directions so going in the opposite direction keep your neck nice and long crown of the head forward good and release it down walk your hands back we'll just take a quick little rest and a moment we'll come right back to that tabletop position where we'll take fire hydrant and we'll take this in a bit of a drill so we will bring our right knee out to the right and then back to the starting position hover the knee so this will be our movement here and we have a tendency to rush when we do exercises that at first seems simple like this right but it's way more effective if you can slow the movement down and start to really tune in and key into all my thighs externally rotating it's moving out away from my body in the hip joint and you'll notice at a certain point there becomes some tension come back down and that that is kind of where your Edge is with your own active range of motion and what many of us want in life right is to have more freedom in our movements more pain-free range of motion so taking some time to mindfully work through these exercises is a great benefit to you we'll set the knee down we're just simply switching the sides left knee going out again being mindful that you're not compensating too much in the opposite side and you're probably feeling your glute medius muscle starting to fatigue here as it works to lift the leg out to the side we'll take one more come back to your table top and we'll take a quick child's pose to rest just two breaths here from here we'll lift up into our downward facing dog so you can curl your toes send your hips up and back press the floor away from you with your hands feel free to Pedal out your feet here and downward facing dog is not about getting your heels to the floor more about tilting that pelvis a little bit forward getting a long spine so I want you to work there and just bend your knees if needed on your neck your next breath reach your right leg up and bend your knee Here and Now stack your right hip on top of the left we're stretching our front quad actively here and the hip flexor of the right leg so we'll add in those hip circles from this open hip position as the right hip is stacked so we're circling the right knee around you might feel there's some more range of movement here as we've warmed up a little bit switch directions big circles now Square your hips off place your right foot in between your hands drop your back knee and walk your hands up to your hips you can always have a blanket to pad that back knee and we'll take our legs in a 90 90 position here tuck your pelvis under and you might feel that the left hip flexor and the quad is starting to stretch a little bit here so we'll hold this for just a few moments and now if you need to move your right foot a little bit forward allow the hips to come forward engage your left glute muscles you can rest your hands here on the front thigh and even press the front thigh away from your chest a little bit on your next breath reach your left arm up and side bend over to the right so we're hitting the whole left hip flexor here and we'll take our left hand down curl the back toes under step it back downward facing dog that was a nice active rest here as we move to our second side so Scorpion dog push the floor away with your hands try to keep your shoulders squared so you're opening through the hip joint here and we'll take big circles again notice any compensation One Direction really visualizing a circle with your knees switch directions how large can you make it Square your hips off step your left foot in between your hands back knee drops down find that 90 90 position here pelvis tucks under crown of t

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