Stretch And Release Your Triceps The Right Way! Help Relieve Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow Pain

hey guys dr. Christy Ennis today I am going to show you how to properly or correctly whichever where do you want to use show you how to stretch your tricep and that's important because a sometimes it gets tight and B that can actually play a rule in tennis elbow and golfer's elbow because of where that tricep attaches right down at the elbow and tennis elbow is on this side golfers elbows on this side so they're attaching in very similar spots so there's a couple steps to actually get this tricep loosened up and it's not stretching to begin with stretching actually comes last if you have tightness in that fashion that top layer of tissue or knots in the muscle you need to get rid of those first getting that fluid flowing nicely and then you can stretch so I'm gonna disappear one moment and then I'm back we're gonna use the derma edge to start to gently release that fashio so notice I'm going in one direction and this is the direction that's a bumpiest for me that's why I'm going in this direction you don't need to press too hard you don't need to cause bruising or pain just until it feels a little less bumpy or a little looser you can move that arm around and go haha yeah feels better then you know once you do that you're going to look for those knots okay so the really tight painful areas once you find one you can either use your knuckle or you can use your thumb or your finger for me its easiest to use my knuckle you'll actually start with a straight arm got that knuckle in there kind of pin it down and then Bend whoo-hooo into that elbow let it go and then release you're gonna do that until you go hey it doesn't feel so bad anymore and then you can move on to another spot hopefully you don't have more than a couple at a time alright so we're gonna do that gentle release first then get into those knots and then lastly is that stretch so where people tend to go wrong with the tricep is this is what they do for a stretch right which honestly I don't really feel that much right now and one of the reasons is because most people think of the tricep is just kind of stopping in here but we have three that's right tricep to that tricep and one of them goes all the way into the shoulder blade so you actually need to get that shoulder blade down in order to really stretch that tricep so one of the easiest ways I think to do it is if you actually use a wall and your other hand to help push down that shoulder blade so you're gonna angle towards the wall I'm gonna grab write it like the meat of that shoulder blade and press down and then I'm gonna lift that arm up and you should go yeah that's it and again just let yourself relax into this stretch if you can hold it for a minute great otherwise just let yourself hold it as long as you comfortably can okay so that's the order of treatment do that gentle release and then do that little pin and stretch and then the actual tricep stretch so that takes care of the tricep what you want to make sure of though too especially if your D really roof dealing with tennis elbow or golfer's elbow is that you are getting that shoulder blade to release – I will link the video for the golfer's elbow and the tennis elbow that I have so that you can see some more techniques in there but because that tricep not only attaches to the elbow but also into that shoulder blade if this is tight that's gonna mess all this up – so one of the easiest ways to do that I'm gonna disappear again get mine back again in case you missed me it's taking a tennis ball in a sock and it doesn't have to be this cutesy little turtle one but I like it and then you're gonna go and this is just to help support it so that you don't have to worry about the ball slipping off but find that kind of tender spot and I'm kicking things and then grab on to that so you don't have to worry about that ball sliding away and now I'm just rolling over it okay and again same idea till it feels a little bit better so that's one quick easy way to to get that shoulder blade which like I said really can affect that whole arm so that's your process right there if you found this video helpful please click the like button or that thumbs up button share it with any friends and family that might benefit from and stay tuned for more Thanks

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