Tight Core & Arms Workout | 2 Weeks Shred Challenge

welcome everybody! Today's exercise focuses on your abs and arms. It is part of the two-week shredded program which you can find here. This program is completely free. So don't forget to click like, follow my channel and also turn on notifications. Well, if you'd like to join this challenge, don't forget to leave comments as you go, or use my #on Instagram, or even record and post a video on YouTube like these girls so we can support each other and let's get started! We have 19 exercises today. Each exercise has 30 seconds and 5 to 10 seconds of rest in between. Let's start with the inchworm and push-ups. Move into a high plank position, do push-ups, then come back. If you can't do push-ups, just do the inchworm exercise and we have high and low planks. Remember to focus on your breathing and fully engage your abdominal muscles in this exercise, guys. We don't just target the arms, we work your abs too, next we have a reverse plank with the knee bent. Make sure you squeeze your butt, and squeeze your abs and butt. And never lower your ass too much. Your arms will burn, and your abs have to do the work here to maintain good form. This exercise works on both the body; It is a nice. Next we have a triceps squeeze and a finger touch. This works your arms and abs at the same time. And we have the circular Planck. Imagine that you are drawing a circle with your core abdominal muscles and remember to participate and work on your abdominal muscles and we have a flying dog. Raise your hand and the opposite leg at the same time. This is a really great exercise for your abs, arms and legs too. Now we have downward dog knee-tuck. Make sure you're squeezing your abs here. Now we have heel touches. Work on your obliques guys, we're halfway there, keep it up! Now we have a side plank with the hips dropped. This works your abdominal muscles as well as your obliques and arms. If this is too difficult for you, just do a side plank now to the other side. Okay, now we have a quick ten second break. You can also take a long break if your arms really hurt. And then we have the push-ups and the shoulder touch. Start with push-ups, then touch your shoulders. Come on guys, you're doing a great job here! And if you can't do push-ups, just do them on your knees. Now we have the arm circles. Start by moving clockwise first, then halfway through move to counterclockwise. At first this may be easy, but your arms will feel burning halfway through it. Next we will have tricep dip toe touch. Let's smash this! And we have a body saw. Start in a low plank position, then walk backwards and then forwards again like this. Your arms and abs should be burning if you're doing it right. Make sure you don't raise and lower your butt. And we have plank and walk. Bring both your arms and legs to one side, then back to center, then to the other side. I always have problems with coordination, because my arms and legs don't move at the same time from my side. Now, flip yourself over and we have Russian twists, just four more exercises, guys. Don't stop now, just keep going! We have high and low plank. Smash those arms and abs, guys. Okay now, let's move on to our abs with a roll-up. Make sure you use your core abdominal muscles to lift your upper body up. We just have one more exercise, guys, so keep going Finally, we have a reverse plank and we're holding it. Make sure you don't lower your butt too much. And remember to squeeze your abdomen and buttocks and engage each of your muscles to keep yourself in this position. I know it's difficult. But this is the last exercise! And that's the drill, guys. I hope you like this program so far. Keep going, it's only two weeks. Just click Like, Subscribe, turn on notifications, and share this free program with the people who need it! And I'll see you in the next exercise. See you soon!

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