TIGHT CORE WORKOUT | 15 Days Plank Workout Challenge

Hey guys, welcome to our new plank challenge! No, we're not doing any crazy moves like this, but if you're looking to strengthen and tighten your core, you'll love this exercise. As usual you can include this workout in your regular routine or you can join the rest of us by following the 15 day schedule on my website. Now smash the thumbs up button, subscribe and leave a comment below. And let's get started… We have 14 exercises today, 30 to 40 seconds rest and 10 seconds rest. But let's start on the mat and start passing the spider board. Place one leg to the side while doing a spider plank and pull to the opposite elbow then repeat on the other side. Make sure you're keeping your core active so breathe in, lift your stomach muscles, squeeze your glutes and make sure you're not holding your breath as well. We're not taking any breaks here, we're going straight to the wooden hands. Get into a low plank on your elbows and bring one foot across the other like so: While dipping your hips while engaging your core. If you need to take a break between supersets please do, it's okay, you will get stronger over time so don't stress. Great work guys! We have a quick ten second break now and we do an inch worm plate. Start in a low plank position then squeeze that core and take small steps forward and return to a low plank position. For a low impact, you can hold a high plank or a low plank. No break here guys! Stay in a low plank and raise one leg up one leg at a slow, controlled time. You work your arms into your core and legs, just feel the burn and keep pushing guys. But again, if you can't keep it down, take a break. Good! Awesome guys! We have another ten seconds break and we have skating muscles next. Remember to engage your heart and accept it good and slow when doing this. Or you can do a low-impact alternative without the hops. No breaks here guys, we're going straight to the side walk. Walk sideways to the left twice, relax and repeat. Or you can do it in a high plank, which should be easier. Make sure to adjust this based on your fitness level. You are doing great guys! Board rotation and dips are next. Start in a side plank and do a dip or two, then rotate to the other side and repeat. For low impact you can do this on your knees. No break here guys, we have a hip dip next. We're halfway through the workout guys, so keep going, you can do it! We have another 10 second break, take a longer break if you need to, that's totally okay. We have the Mountaineers next. Bring your knee as high as possible while you engage your core and make sure your butt doesn't explode or sag. No breaks here, get into a low plank and we do some plank jumps. For an easier alternative, enter a high plank and press one leg to the side, one at a time. Four more exercises to go, guys! We have a side bike next. While in a side plank, switch both legs and bend to your elbow. Work those core and oblique muscles. For low impact you can do this on your knees. We'll flip over and do the other side, so no breaks here unless you really need them, that's totally fine too. Just jump back in when you can. Okay then we do a low plank and you're going to raise your opposite hand and leg up and out and then repeat on the other leg. For an alternative exercise, you can do bird dogs. And the last exercise will be everyone's new favorite: “lifts up and down.” Raise one arm into a high plank while jumping legs out to the side, then the other arm and jump legs out. You can do it at your own pace, don't worry about it syncing up perfectly. Take your time to learn this step and over time you will get better at it. For low impact only do high lifts. And this is exercise guys, I hope you find this exercise a bit of a challenge. Don't feel defeated if you struggle with some exercises, you will get stronger over time. Drop me a comment and let me know how you went and don't forget to smash the like button and I'll see you at the next workout! Farewell! <3

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