XHIT – How to Burn 50 Calories in Less Than 3 Minutes

hey everyone I'm Rebecca Louise and today on X here I'm going to show you how you can burn 50 calories in just a few minutes so we've got five exercises 30 seconds each okay first exercise we're going to take it down into a squat we're going to have the opposite elbow to opposite knee 30 seconds that's all it is okay all these exercises we've got five to go all going to be for 30 seconds so if you've got a minute or two spare just put on this video I'm going to burn off those 50 calories okay come on keep it going we're going to swap over into other exercise soon just nice and low in that squat 10 seconds to go come on get that heart rate going excellent job everyone five four 3 2 one okay taking next exercise straight away we're going to walk it down 30 seconds two push-ups and then walking it back in again okay it's really good for your flexibility too going to get a good stretch in those hamstrings that's it keep that tmy pulled in Walking it back up stretch out those hamstrings and back down again keep that back nice and flat and make sure you keep breathing come on keep going only got 30 seconds and two more push-ups come on walk it back in next exercise Mountain climbs okay 30 seconds again we're going do this nice and quickly though you want to burn off those extra calories come on keep it going and breathe there's no rest or t these in this workout video so make sure you just keep going the whole time come on guys stay with me the whole video is just about 2 minutes long come on keep pushing less than 10 seconds to go 5 4 3 2 one right come straight back up to standing all you need to do punch forward knee and then kick out the other side okay got 15 seconds on each side really pull that knee in Kick Out to the side come we're going to swap on to the other side 5 4 3 2 one okay other side punch punch knee in come on keep it up you're try and stay with me we got to burn off those 50 calories 5 Seconds to go good come on give me one more okay okay last one is high knees again 30 seconds come on take keep those arms pumping come on guys all the way to the end you want to make sure that you burn off those 50 calories okay and breathe keep it going come on stay with me guys all the way to the end almost there 10 seconds okay 5 4 3 2 1 and release well there you go if you managed to get through that whole workout you've burn yourself off 50 calories and it only took a few minutes so no excuses ex hit has got plenty more workouts for you so make sure you keep checking back on our channel it's free to subscribe and if you hit this button you're going to say get sent the free newsletter my name is Rebecca Louise you can follow me on Twitter at themodel Pilot thanks for working out with me today and I hope to see you again soon

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