XHIT – How to Do a Lunge

hey there welcome to exit I'm Kelsey Lee and today we are going to show you how to do a proper lunge because I know we're doing lots of those in a lot of our workouts and it's so imperative that your Technique is solid because you can definitely hurt your knees and we've all been susceptible to injury one time here there in our lives okay so we're going to go ahead and get started with a step backwards bring that drop or drop that back knee down okay so make sure this knee isn't going over your ankle all right and same in the back that heel you're not going to be able to touch the floor and ergonomically move into a lunge okay so right here show you again bring it back drop the knee down this isn't going over my ankle or especially not my toe okay so you have to take a really wide stance push it back up and repeat drop the knee like so make sense all right so now that we have the technique down let's go ahead and figure out what's working so step it back drop the knee down you're going to feel a stretch through the bent legs quad okay also through here tab band area through the glute isolate the core so lock it down not hunched not art okay nice and tight through here as we come up quads are going to stabilize us but this is pretty much all ham and glute as you bring it back up okay make sense switch drop that knee down again stretch through here stretch into quad bring it up all right making sense you are doing good all right so now we have the technique down we know where we should be feeling it you shouldn't be feeling in your knees right or your back okay so let's go through this quickly a couple times and drop the knee down bring it up okay makes sense you don't really need to touch your knee all the way to the ground notice my steps are nice and wide just dropping it down last one tighten the core pull it up all right good work okay guys you did awesome today on our lunge tutorial so now you know how to do a proper lunge without compromising your Technique cuz that takes precedence right core quads glutes hams all right that's where you should be feeling this so make sure you check back weekly because we're going to be doing these regularly teaching you how to use proper form to maximize your workouts make them really effective make sure you subscribe here on exit follow me on Twitter Kelsey le.com feel free to leave some video comments I will see you next time

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