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XHIT Sexy Back Workout

hey guys you're watching X hit with me Rebecca Louise today we're going to be working on our lower back so I need to drop it down to the floor for the first exercise we'll be doing back extensions and going over your arms out in front we're gonna hold it here to five seconds three two one and then bring in in here four five four three two one and then extending the head up for another five seconds we're going to go through this five times so you've done it once let's do it four more times arms out in front three two one bring it in keeping that chest off the floor and then lifting the head up so looking straight out in front of you pinching those elbows back and let's take it out for the third time and bring it in in just looking down at the mat and then lifting the head up really just think about pinching those shoulders into the back lifting that chest off the floor and let's go in for the fourth time three two one bring it in here five four three two one Manon let's lift that head up pull the shoulders the chest off the floor and it's taking time for one more really stretch up think about someone pulling you away extending that back and putting those elbows in three two one and the last one lifting that chest up and looking straight out three two one okay we're gonna stay on the floor and we're gonna do alternating Superman's so I want you to bring up the left arm and the right leg we're going to hold it here for five seconds and then we're gonna swap to the other side and we're gonna do five of each okay so let's bring it up so we've got ten of these in total and just holding it there two one remember opposite arm to opposite leg just lifting that chest and looking straight out in front of you three two one okay you're halfway there and let's take it up on to the other side so that's right arm up with left leg up so it just extend out or anything about so I'm pulling you from either side pics turn that arm up and the leg back okay let's go into number eight three two one and let's do one more on either side let's pick it up one more time five four three two one okay we're going to take it down to Cobra and then Child's Pose so your hands in by your chest I want you to pull up we're gonna hold this here for three seconds and then we're gonna take it down into child's pose but we're gonna keep our hands and our knees in the same position so if you can't get all the way down that's fine so let's take it back into the Cobra I'm gonna do this five times through extend that head up and let's go down to Child's Pose thinking about really stretching those arms out don't move the knees or the hands let's take it down for a third time and then into Child's Pose just nice and gentle movements and two more times back into that Cobra really stretch and open that chest out back into child's pose you're gonna feel that each time you're going to be able to get a little bit further down and let's do it one more time and Child's Pose for the last time where he gripped those hands into the floor and stretch out and gently come up to standing we're gonna go into the founder so slight bend in the knees we're gonna take the arms back stretch over our head and then we're gonna go down to the floor with not bending our knees anymore and then coming back and pushing our hands into above our knees and just stretching out that back and then again we could do this five times through pull the arms back over the head just gonna hold it for a few counts on each one taking it down but not bending their knees anymore and then pressing into the knees and then coming back so arms here over the head coming down press those hands into the top of your legs and it's taking for two more times back make sure we're breathing inhaling and exhaling we're really strengthening that lower back we always talk about things that we do with our ABS and it's really important that we also strengthen that lower back too and let's take it down for the last time and then push those hands in to the top of the legs okay if those legs a little bit of a shake because now we're gonna go into a founder squat so similar the arms are up in the air we're gonna just squat down nice and slow and come up and really extend those arms up to the ceiling and keep your back nice and straight I'm going to do ten of these that's it's really coming down into that squat extend those arms up four nice and slowly five keep that back straight and then when you come down think about the weight being in the back of your heel so you should be able to wiggle your toes and eggs extend those arms up bringing them back over so we're just engaging that lower back and a final one make it count okay your last move is the woodpecker so legs sort of as you're gonna be doing a lunge but we just want a slight bend in that front knee and that back heel is gonna be on the ground we're gonna hold our arms up to the top hold that here for three and then extend forward for three and then engage our arms back and then come back to Center we're gonna do this five times through so let's take it for four more bring it up for three seconds and then leaning forward but not bending that front knee take those arms back keeping that back straight and come back to Center let's take it for three more you'll really feel that stretch in the back of the leg too as well as when we leaning forward we're engaging that lower back okay let's take it for one more it's gonna feel that when you go forward you want to bend that front knee and really trying not to just think about moving that top half of your body okay bring it back to Center let's swap on to the other side now again just a slight bend in that knee here on the back of the floor we're gonna take the arms up hold it here for three lean forward and take it here and back to Center again we've got five of these take it up lengthen to the ceiling we really pull it out just think about someone who's grabbing you from up here and then taking it down come back to Center let's do three more extending out don't move that front knee extend those arms up bring it down and Center and let's take it for one more time stretch up lean forward bring those arms back four three two one bring it into the center and gently walk your feet back in together well there you have it there are some exercises for your lower back we're always thinking about our core and we need to also think about strengthening the lower back to check out the rest of the videos at Exit we've got loads of more exciting workout routines for you my name is Rebecca Louise any questions you have just leave me a comment subscribe to our channel get all your friends involved and I hope to see you again tomorrow you

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