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XHIT: The Natalie Workout

hi guys welcome back to x-hit with me rebecca louise now today we're going to be taking on natalie portman's training when she was a ballet dancer in a recent movie so if you're ready to point your toes let's begin okay so we're going to start off with working our legs so let's bring it down to the floor we're going to do a bridge so we'll put our back flat on the floor keeping sure that our back is completely flat we don't want it arched we're going to bring one leg across and we're just going to rise it up we don't want our hips to touch the floor we're just going to pulse it up and down if you want to make it harder you can go up onto the demi point which is the ball of your foot and drop it down we'll do 45 seconds with each side so let's bring that right leg across pointing this toe and we're just going to hold it up put it up to demon point for more and we're just going to drop it down and squeeze as we come up so it's 45 seconds on the clock and let's go so pulling it up and down that's good now ballet dancers have really lean legs they're not stocky and bulky just really nice and lean and this exercise is perfect for doing those lean long legs okay so just keep pulsing it up and down really gentle movements we don't want to jerk around so it's just lifting it up and pulling it down making sure that our bum doesn't touch the floor remember if it is too hard you can just drop that heel of the foot on the floor and bring it up and down just keeping that leg resting on not on your knee but just in front of your knee okay 10 seconds left on this one just keep going relax and make sure that back is nice and flat on the shoulders on the ground okay last one and release okay let's bring it over we're gonna really be feeling these in your quads all of your inner leg inner thighs too so let's pull this up for 45 seconds and let's go on that demi point if you want to to make it a little bit harder squeezing the whole time remember it's all about technique i want you to do it properly rather than rushing through it and giving yourself an injury okay keep going guys keep breathing too just relax those shoulders onto the floor just looking straight up keep doing squeezing those glutes as you get to the top and dropping those hips down but not touching the floor keep going that's great it's really going to lengthen out these legs and give us a really toned look we've got less than 10 seconds again on this leg keep going five four three two one and release okay now we're going to work our butt so we're going to do a big quick butt buster so we want to go on to all fours and we're going to bring the leg into the chest and then we're going to extend it out so a nice straight leg as we get to the back so we're going to do 45 seconds on each leg let's start with the right leg and bring it into the chest and extend out into the chest and extend make sure that you don't arch that back when you bring your leg extended to the back keep that toe nice and pointed okay keep going and let's pull in that stomach pulling that tummy to the spine making sure that we're not arching keep going with this leg and squeezing as you get to the top it's really good for your glutes keep going and your abdominals too and you're also putting pressure on your shoulder muscles so you're also giving those a workout too okay keep going keep breathing two and five four three two one and release okay let's switch it straight over to the other side now nathalie porman in her role in her movie she had to really get into shape a really lean long dancer's body you know that doesn't just take doing exercises also eating correctly too so lots of vegetables and fruit it's really good for your diet and it's going to help those muscles lean out and let's lift it up keep going just lifting it right to the top as you can keeping that leg really nice and straight and as you pull in bringing the knee in as far as you can to the chest supporting your shoulders you want your hands nice and flat underneath 10 seconds to go this one keep going keep pushing it up nice and straight pointing that toe three two one and release okay now we're going to go back and lie on our backs and we're going to work those out muscles because a flat stomach is really important for a valid answer and also it's the center of the core and it gives us our posture and it keeps our whole body in line okay so what we're going to do is we're going to lie on our back we're going to bring our arms out into what they call second position and then we're going to come up lift it up and put our hands over the top okay so we're just going to do 45 seconds of this okay so the time on the clock and let's go bring it up using that momentum from the arms bring it up into first position bring it back down into seconds okay using the momentum to pull it up nice straight back as you get to the top we want that posture and coming back down and keep going now remember when we're talking about nutrition it's really good not always just to go out for dinner but it's really good just to cook at home you get most of your nutrients and things that you buy in the supermarket that you can cook like fresh fish and good chicken there's always a really good lean meat to eat too let's keep going with this you got 10 seconds left keep pulling it up it is going to get harder as you go along and release okay so stretch out those stomachs just pulling it just taking a breather okay now let's stand up and we're gonna use our core again like we were before and we're gonna do circles and this is normally the pirate position that you use and we hold it up like this and i just want you to take your leg out and we're gonna do circles we're gonna do 45 seconds on each leg okay so let's start with that right leg you've always got a weaker leg so that's fine maybe start with that one first okay so 45 seconds let's go just want to hold that stomach in relax those shoulders and just circle round it's going to be really really good for your glutes and your legs and your posture too keep going point that toe if you can if you need to just take a slight rest and then come back into it really helps if you fixate on something and it makes it easier for you to balance so just keep going you should be really feeling it in those glutes right now if you want to you can bring your arms out to the side into second position this also helps with your balance okay just a few more of these three two one and relax okay now let's take it on to the other side so those arms up keeping really nice and tall bring it out and let's circle now you can go inwards if you want or you can go outwards i'm taking mine outwards today is just hold up really nice and straight relaxing these shoulders stomach pulled in pointing that toe and just lift it up balance sometimes better if you're in second making sure that you keep circling that toe around and bring it back up if we need to just keep breathing the whole turn now sh

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