Versatile and slimming basic autumn and winter styles | Jackets/sweaters/inner layers/boots

Hi everyone, my name is April. Today I want to share with you some items that I like to wear very much in autumn and winter, including sweaters, jackets and shoes. These items are all more basic in terms of style. The design is very simple and elegant. It is very practical and versatile to wear. It is very classic and will not go out of style easily. Let’s start with the coat. The first one is such a very simple and elegant coat that also has a sense of design. For me, it is Its biggest advantage is that you can wear it with whatever you want inside it. It is relatively loose. As you can see, its sleeves and body are very loose, which means that no matter how thick or thick you wear it, it can be worn inside. It can be easily accommodated and its fabric is also very thick. Although it is not lined, its warmth retention is also very good. The second piece is this black Blazer, which is also an oversize style. Then I bought two sizes larger based on the oversize. My size is size 8, because if we wear this kind of clothes in autumn and winter, we have to layer sweaters and the like that may be thicker. It will look better when worn with a little space, and it has this loose and oversized feeling. I particularly like to wear it now. It is really relaxed, personalized and stylish. The workmanship and texture are also very good. Highly recommended. Then let’s talk about sweaters. This one is a sweater from Uniqlo. It does not have any wool component. It is because it is made of cotton, so this piece of clothing is not easy to pill. It is really easy to wear on the body. It is also very slim. It can be worn as a thicker T-shirt in early autumn. If the weather gets colder, we can layer it with a warmer high-necked cashmere sweater, which is no problem. And then What I like most about a cashmere sweater is its sense of design. You can see that the sleeves have this kind of closing. The design has puff sleeves and a waist-cinching design. This sweater gives My feeling is that it breaks the narrow concept of sweaters in the traditional sense. That is to say, in addition to being a sweater worn inside, it can also exist as an independent fashion item. It is the same as a high-rise sweater. Leather trousers like this or more distinctive suit trousers are very good-looking and fashionable when worn together. If you add a Blazer, a leather jacket or a coat to it, then this one is OK. I like it very much, but the fabric is a bit thin. It is not a very thick cashmere sweater, because it wants to achieve the effect and fashion sense I just told you. If it is made very thick, it will not have that effect. I want to tell you something about this. This is a black cardigan sweater. The buttons can be completely unbuttoned. I also like this one from Uniqlo. It has two functions. The first is that it can be completely unbuttoned. Make a V-neck sweater to wear. Secondly, make it an outer layer. In terms of design, the lower edge also has such a waist-cinching design. Wearing it on the body will not make people look bloated. At the same time, it also does this The vertical striped weaving method means it looks less plain and has more design. Then there is the thick woolen sweater on me. I also like it very much. The thick woolen weaving method and its pattern are very unique. It has a retro feel and the fabric is made of this kind of plush material, which makes people feel warmer and younger. At the same time, it doesn’t prick me. I’m wearing it barefoot right now without any base layer. It’s very, very comfortable. Finished with the sweater. Let's talk about the inner wear. I have three pieces here, three different colors and three different materials. Let's start with the order of the depth of the colors. Let's start with the white one. It is from Everlane. It is the most comfortable to wear among these three pieces. The most skin-friendly one, but the fabric is thin, especially the white color. It will be a little see-through when worn on the body. It doesn’t matter if it is used as an inner layer. As long as the neckline looks good, it is OK. It is made of pure cotton, and this camel-colored one is a self-heating base made by Uniqlo. It has a certain amount of elasticity, so it is tight but not tight, and the comfort level is quite high. Finally, this black one is also made by Uniqlo. The base layer is made of 100% pure cotton. The cotton is very thick. It’s probably three or four times as thick as the Everlane one. So the warmth of this one is not inferior to the self-heating one. This style is also more close-fitting and slim. Another thing I want to emphasize to everyone is that among the three inner styles, there is only black. This one has a collar that is better fixed in the same shape after wearing it. The white and camel ones are better. When these two pieces are put on, the neckline will have a soft feeling. Some friends may not like this, but I personally think it is quite friendly to sisters whose necks are not that long because it wears After wearing it, it seems to everyone that if you wear a high-collared inner layer, you will feel warmer in winter. At the same time, it can expose a certain amount of skin and make your neck look longer. I think when it comes to what we usually wear, In autumn and winter, these three colors are enough for inner wear. Finally, let’s talk about the shoes. I picked out the shoes from my collection of shoes. I think they are the most worth buying and the most practical pairs. This one & other Stories’ genuine leather Let me tell you why sock boots should be put in the first place. Because I think they are the most practical and best-fitting boots for us sisters who don’t have such thin legs in autumn and winter. This upper edge can be tightly wrapped around our legs, so it will not increase the circumference of our legs. Especially when you need to wear such narrow pants, the socks and boots can be completely stored in your trouser legs. The legs are really slim down there, and you can also wear a skirt. It has a square toe, and it really shows off your temperament when worn on your feet. The height of the heel is also quite suitable, maybe 5 centimeters. At the same time, it is also made like this. The square heel design is very easy to walk on. I also want to remind everyone that the leather on the front of the shoe is relatively stiff and thick, but from here to the top, the leather is very thin. It may be In order to create a better visual effect of being wrapped around the legs, here is this pair. It has appeared countless times in previous videos. I like it very much because first, the pointed toe makes the legs look longer. The heel is a square heel that is easy to walk on. At the same time, it is made into a style of Western boots. The heel is tilted inward, which makes the feet appear smaller. And that is what I like most about it. Take a look at it. The position of this boot shaft is made like this. After you put it on, it feels like it is a whole piece of leather. But when you wear it, you will find that it has this kind of elastic band. The first time you wear it, it is very tight. Secondly, it is convenient to put on your feet. It can wrap around your ankles very well and make your legs look slimmer. Secondly, the pattern it makes is imitation of this crocodile pattern, which is also a popular fashion element this year. Its crocodile pattern is This kind of crocodile pattern is very low-key and everyday. That is to say, if you don’t look carefully, you won’t notice that it is crocodile pattern. So these boots are very, very easy to wear and very versatile. And then there is this pair of black boots. Everyone is familiar with them. They are from Everlane. They are also my favorite pair of boots from them. The materials are very well made and the leather is thick. They are also very comfortable when you put them on. The height of the heel is neither too high nor too short, making it easy to walk. It doesn’t scratch your feet. Secondly, I also like the patent leather material. I think it has three major advantages. The first is that it is very durable. Everyone has seen it for more than a year and it still looks like new. The second is that it has a certain rainproof function. Wearing these patent leather boots when it rains is more secure than ordinary leather boots. Thirdly, the reflective effect of this patent leather makes these boots feel light when worn on our feet. It's also more delicate and also makes the feet smaller. What about the same model? I also have a pair of this color and I liked it very much at the time. But after I bought it, I found that this color doesn't go well with clothes because you said it's white, right? It's not white. Say it's beige. It's darker than beige. You say it's yellow, but it's not yellow. In short, it's a bit nondescript and difficult to match. So for these two colors, I recommend choosing the black one. Well, let's go. Today's video ends here. If you like today's sharing, please give me a like. You are also welcome to subscribe to my channel. Then we will see you in the next video.

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