10 min BUTT LIFTING WORKOUT | No Equipment

hey everyone we're about to do a 10 minute butt lifting workout to tone your glutes from all angles we'll be down on our mat the whole time with intervals of 50 seconds on and 10 seconds rest you don't need any equipment except for your mat so let's get to it [Music] all right let's get started on our hands and knees extend the right leg behind you you're gonna tap lift knee in extend tap lift here we go really extending out those back toes lifting from under the glutes and draw those ribs in [Music] so [Music] all right we have pulse for four and bend [Music] here we go one two three four extend hold it up and bend nice and controlled [Music] huh [Music] [Music] all right we're gonna move to the other leg extending the left leg behind you tap lift knee in extend okay here we go lift and squeeze [Music] so [Music] all right next up we have our four pulses extend and bend let's go two three four squeeze and bend good really draw those toes to the sky baby pulses [Music] [Music] [Music] good keep it lifted last few seconds [Music] all right come on to your belly hands one on top of the other and onto your forehead you're gonna lift those legs off the ground open and close here we go [Music] good really squeeze through those through those glutes here we're also using those inner thighs to help draw those legs in towards one another [Applause] [Music] [Music] all right come on to your left elbow we have clam shells knees are bent toes are together you're going to open squeeze at the top and close here we go let's have a little hold at the top really squeeze then make your way down exhale inhale nice hips are staying facing the front [Music] [Music] okay we have pulse 2 3 4 then to extend back bend to extend side and repeat here we go extend that leg one two three four back and side good shoulders down lengthen the upper body as well [Music] [Music] oh feel that burn keep going all right quickly flip around to the other elbow come on to your right elbow we have clam shells [Music] okay here we go toes together exhale squeeze at the top and inhale down good little hold slowly lower [Music] [Music] all right we have our four pulses extend back extend side i don't know about you but i'm feeling the burn let's go guys pulse two three four extend back and side you've got it keep using that breath [Music] all right come on to your back final move feeder hip width lift those heels off the ground into a bridge pose you're gonna do four pulses and then hold for four counts here we go one two three four hold and squeeze good good lift those hips up [Music] draw ribs toward the hips and lift from under your glutes here lift [Music] good almost there [Music] [Music] whoa awesome dub you guys all right you guys before you go if you enjoyed that workout then smash the like button subscribe to my channel and comment below so we can chat there i'm proud of you guys and i'll see you next time bye [Music]

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