Dance Cardio Workout For Weight Loss (10 mins)

(screen wipes) – In today's video, we are focusing on weight loss, with a dance, aerobics workout. And there's a special announcement, I wanna let you guys know that I am launching a new app, and a new, updated program, which is going to help you guys transform your body in the shortest possible time. So, if you wanna sign up to get first access to the app, click on the link in the description box. Now, before we jump into the weight loss workout, let's quickly dive into nutrition, by introducing to AthleticGreens. We all know how important nutrition is for your weight loss success and overall health, so it's vital that you guys consume the right vitamins, minerals, and food for your body. The AthleticGreens formula contains 75 different ingredients to improve you, and this tasty greens powder is a quick and easy way to know that you are giving your body all of the nutrients that it needs to support your health and weight loss journey. So, I've been taking this supplement for around two months now, and I have noticed a huge difference in my gut health, energy levels, and cravings. AthleticGreens are an all-in-one, daily supplement, and it's gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, keto, and vegan friendly. So absolutely anyone can take it. And right now, AthleticGreens do have a special offer, just for you amazing guys watching this video. You will get a free, 77 Euro worth of AthleticGreens travel packs with your first purchase, which is not only a great saving, but it's going to help you on your weight loss journey. You can get yourself AthleticGreens from my custom link at the top of the description. So, let's jump into the workout. (calm music) Hey guys, so for this dance cardio, all you need to do is follow along with me, I will be switching between movements quite quickly, but if, for any reason, I'm going too fast, just repeat the move that we had done beforehand, and then catch up afterwards. While you are doing these movements, make sure that your core is engaged the entire time, you're lifting your body off of the floor, and, of course, you are having fun with it. Dance aerobics is honestly one of the best ways, in my mind, to really lose weight, because you're having fun, and you're getting your whole body involved. (upbeat music) I know it can seem quite silly, when you are doing these movements, but, honestly, I just try and remember that no one's watching, and I'm just havin' a good time on my own. What you wanna do with each movement is go as fast as you can, really put all of your energy into it, when I'm kicking my legs, really do kick them and point your feet, when I'm gettin' my arms involved, get your arms involved, people, because this is gonna help to get the heart rate up and burn those calories. (upbeat music) That's it, guys, keep jumpin', and done. (upbeat music) That's it, guys, and jump, up, up, up, go. (upbeat music) Kick. (upbeat music) That's it guys, make sure you're jumping, have fun with it. ♪ Complications, you try and leave me to be, ♪ – [Holly Voiceover] Kick back, kick back. ♪ And every time I trip, ♪ – [Holly Voiceover] Keep that core engaged, guys, make sure you got the navel sucked into the spine. ♪ You don't have to say it to me, ♪ ♪ Just be my parachute ♪ – [Holly Voiceover] And arm, up, arm up, punch high, punch high. ♪ Why don't you help me, the way I help you, ♪ (upbeat music) – [Holly Voiceover] I know it gets to a point, where it gets tiring, but just make sure that you really are pushing through, just tell yourself that you're having a great time, honestly, that's what I do, I just tell my mind that it's totally fine, I can do it, because honestly, it is a mind over matter. ♪ You make sure to stick around, ♪ ♪ But when it comes to me, ♪ – [Holly Voiceover] That's it guys, move those hips. Move the chest, over, over, two. ♪ Why don't you help me, ♪ – [Holly Voiceover] Let's get those abs going. ♪ You don't have to say to me, ♪ – [Holly Voiceover] Let's jump back, step, behind, step, behind. ♪ Makin' sure I'm okay, ♪ ♪ Why don't you help me, ♪ – [Holly Voiceover] That's it guys, repeat again, step, now, kick forward, other leg, kick forward, other leg, ♪ The way I help you, ♪ ♪ Why don't you help me, the way I help you, ♪ ♪ Don't have to say to me, just need my dance shoes, ♪ (upbeat music) – [Holly Voiceover] Push behind, guys. Back to those star jumps. (upbeat music) ♪ Just be my parachute, ♪ – [Holly Voiceover] Perfect, keep breathing, make sure you're breathing in and out. ♪ Why don't you help me, ♪ (upbeat music) – [Holly Voiceover] That's it guys, shake it like no one's watching, you can do it, have fun with every movement, let's go. Small steps, guys, and step step step step. (upbeat music) Kick that leg as high as you can, other side. Fantastic work, guys. Push the hand forward, and up, up. You have now made it halfway through, honestly, you can do this, just keep goin', we've not got long left. (upbeat music) That's it guys, fast feet to the side. (upbeat music) Keep going, kick, kick. (upbeat music) Make sure you're really lifting your body off the floor, guys, keep that core engaged, suck it in, and spin, clap, spin, and clap, back to those star jumps, guys. (upbeat music) Try and pick up the pace a little bit more, let's get that heart rate going, wanna burn off those calories. (upbeat music) Just have fun with it, you can definitely tell I am. (upbeat music) Shake those hips, guys. (upbeat music) And kick back, kick back. (upbeat music) Twist those hips, get those hip beats goin'. (upbeat music) Forward, and, jump, jump. (upbeat music) There's only a couple more minutes left guys, you have got this. (upbeat music) Star jumps, and push it forward. (upbeat music) C'mon, let's burn off that dinner, let's go. (upbeat music) That's it guys, go to the skipping, keep that core engaged, kick, and kick, other side. You are killin' this workout guys, keep goin'. (upbeat music) Let's go into those squats, up and down. (upbeat music) Just move that rib cage, guys, get those abs going. Push it back, let's go, c'mon, we've not got long left now, let's really smash it out in the last few minutes. Or seconds, actually (laughs), that's it, keep goin'. (upbeat music) Other leg. (upbeat music) Ribcage. And that's it, guys, let's do a quick little stretch, let's breathe, you did amazing, just stretch that body out, because you've been pounding it up and down. So I hope that you enjoyed this dance aerobics workout for weight loss. I always have so much fun when I am dancing around, and it's a great way to burn calories. And guys, if you are serious about your health and nutrition for 2020, then make sure to get your hands on AthleticGreens today. This supplement is really gonna help support your digestion, metabolism, weight control, and so much more. In just one small amount, the formula contains 75 vitamins, minerals, and whole-food sourced ingredients. Since I've been taking AthleticGreens, I have really seen an improvement with my hea

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