Yoga Tuesday

hey guys you're watching X hit with me Rebecca Louise now today we're going to do some yoga and I'm going to take you through a few moves and we're just going to really relax and lengthen our body so we're going to start off with just a light warm-up you just want to take our feet apart and we're just going to bend like lunge to each side this could a whoa gee and if you want to you can incorporate the hands to just looking across to the hands we're just going to do this for about thirty seconds just to loosen up our body really bending into those legs and eyes two hands okay a little bit longer and then we're going to go into our first pose which is warrior one okay so if you're ready let's put both feet together at the front of your mat and we want to take one leg back whichever one you want to begin with first keeping that front leg straight we want to turn the back leg out 45 degrees and just lunge into that front leg keeping that our hips parallel to the front leg keeping that one nice and straight and just lunge into it this is really good for extending your hip flexors and we just want to lift our arms up and we're going to hold this for 40 seconds so let's just make sure that chest is nice and open you're really strengthening those muscles in the legs and keep breathing the whole time the bottom foot to keep it nice and flat to the earth and just look straight ahead opening that chest if you can lunge into it a little bit more keeping those shoulders nice and open okay we're going to change over to the other side in just five seconds so just hold it there for a little bit longer okay and release let's bring that leg back together and let's take our other leg back out another 40 seconds so you want a 45-degree angle on the back and 40 seconds let's go to pull those arms up to the top really stretching out that chest and feeling the stretch all down those hamstrings it's really good for linking those hip flexors and our legs as well as strengthening it's also good for keeping our core nice and centered and our focus okay just keep breathing the whole time feeling that foot flat to the earth and keeping that front leg straight out you're also going to feel it great in the CAF's – okay just hold it here for a little bit longer it's really good for your balance – it's five seconds to go on this one okay and release okay we're going to go into the extended side angle we're just going to take one leg out as if you're lunging down want this one 90 degrees and we're just going to breathe in and take this arm over and if you can put this hand on the floor so we're going to do 40 seconds just holding here if you can get it flat that's great but if you need to raise slightly that's fine just look up to the ceiling this is really good also for opening that chest up and stretching right through those legs and keeping that abdominal nice and tight good first core stability so just breathe in and exhale really reaching for the sky when he's stretching out and lunging nice and low and less than 10 seconds to go you can sit feel yourself stretching more you can put that hand down flat okay and let's release bring those arms down and then the legs back together and let's take you on the other side so let's step nice and wide and then to a lunge you can adjust your feet that's fine anyone but this one 90 and this one straight forward and let's take 40 seconds again on this side if you need to modify it you can put your hand here here make sure that it's not on the me but if you can take it all the way down you're going to get even more of a stretch and just inhale and exhale looking up to the sky you can feel that increasing the stretch as you continue you can get that hand flatter on the floor if you need to okay let's just hold this here for a few more moments it's really good for lengthening our whole body out okay breathe in let's exhale for taking it back up bring that arm down and then walk the feet back in together now we're going to take it into the chair pose you want to put your feet just slightly apart and we're just going to bend down just like we're sitting in a chair and just raising our arms up we're going to hold this for forty seconds as well just opening up that chest we just want a natural curve in the back and you're spending those knees feeling it in those quads and stretching it out through the chest and just looking out this is really good for your balance and core stability just looking ahead and breathing you can wiggle those toes make sure that they're feeling right down into the earth and we'll just hold it here for a little longer try and take it a little bit lower for those last five seconds keeping that chest nice and open and release okay we're going to go into the tree pose now in always one leg is going to be easier than the other so we just want to take our feet apart put the weight onto one leg and push our foot into the suck into the side of the calf okay let's hold this here for forty seconds two and let's bring this arm up just really feeling that foot into the earth you can clasp your hands together at the top and let's just look how it's good for your concentration and stability keeping that back and shoulders pressed down and using that core to hold you steady and fixate on a point and that's going to help with your balance okay it's just a little bit longer she'll be feeling it tight in those calves and we're going to relax and go on to the other leg this is my weaker leg so I'm going to struggle a little bit more but it's all about improving and making it better so it's 40 seconds on this – just looking straight out keeping that stomach pulled in nice and tight you can feel it in those glutes – it's going to work those and just relax that back down and bring those shoulders down if you need to you can bring your arms out to the side let's just hold it here for a few more moments just keep breathing the whole time and relax just bring those legs back down to parallel and giving it a little bit of a shake out okay so now we're going to take it back down to the floor and we're going to do the fish pose this is all about opening up our pictorials so you want to lie on your back and you just want to push up here we're just going to hold this here for 30 seconds just really push through and lengthen those legs and just really fill that all the way through the back and opening up here you can take them out wider if you need to or put them under here it's really stretching out if your neck is feeling too tight just drop it down but just maintain that stretch okay let's just hold it here for a little bit longer really opening up those pectoral muscles and the shoulders just breathing okay few more moments let's release okay next one is going to be the total nice we're going to do each side so it's very simple it's just a really good stretch you just want to put one foot in here and the other one stretched out you just want to try and grab on to y

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