5 Minute Ab Workout

everyone I'm Rebecca Louise and today on exit we're going to be working those abs we've got five minutes five exercises so let's get started straight away we're going to do the active plank so I just want you to stretch one arm one leg and then switching over you've got a minute that's it make sure you keep that tummy pulled in and if you focus on a spot in front of you it's going to be much better for your balance if you're looking around everywhere it's going to be really hard okay and remember if if you need to you can just drop to your knees if you're finding this too difficult you can always modify it don't give up just slightly change it that's a great job guys keep that tummy pulled in activate that core you've just got a minute of these okay come on keep it going keep those legs straight As in just hold each one for a couple of seconds do you feel it in your glutes too come on it's just five minutes you can fit this in every day okay come on keep it going hold it there okay the next exercise we're going to be staying in the same position mountain climbers but with a Twist nice and slow and controlled again a minute that's it you you're just wanting to bring those knees across and remember we do do the standard mountain climbers where we just bring them in next time we're going to change it so we're going to be working those obliques too that's those side muscles okay great job it should also be feeling in those shoulders too cuz we've done two minutes now almost of using our shoulders to hold up our body come on keep it going just think about it just five minutes a day it's nothing just to get those abs that's it keep it going engage those core keep it going guys I can feel my heart rate getting up that's you've just got a few more to go excellent job are you ready for the next exercise okay let's move on okay so lying on your back just bringing your shoulders off the ground and we're just going to twist start to side using those oblique muscles I just want you to touch your heels okay make sure that your feet are in line with your body you just have to take this nice and slow you don't have to rush it and anytime you have feel strain in your neck you can always hold your head in your hands and twist I know sometimes that my neck gets a little bit strained okay that's it really feel those open baks working look at them they're working keep going this is a great thing to do in the in the morning when you get out of bed just stick on this video 5 minutes and then you're ready for your day and always feel the exercise really wakes me up too even if I can just get 5 minutes in so if you're feeling tired you're sitting on the couch you want a nap don't do it just do 5 minutes of exercise keep it going are you ready to move on to the next exercise me too okay so bicycles just make them nice slow and controlled now you should really be feeling it in those abs now that's it activate that core nice and slow make sure that you don't let that lower leg drop down that's it Opposite arm to opposite knee okay keep it going oh I can feel it in my abs they're burning I love it when it burns though it means it's doing something burning is good pain is not good keep it going we've only got one exercise left after this so there's no point stopping now that's it make sure you're maintaining your form and breathing almost done just give me a few more come on keep it going okay that one was tough right come up to standing You' got your last minute I just want your legs apart nice and wide nice Bend in the knee and just going to have your arms here like you're an Incredible Hulk and I just want you to squeeze okay so alternating each time see you're going to hold on to your core too cuz it's also going to be good for your balance so squeeze activate the core and here we are using our oblique so these side muscles here it's going to give us this definition I do feel like the Incredible Hulk that's it really squeeze Contracting every single time make sure you're making it count there's no point just doing exercise and not doing it properly [Music] see how quickly that five minutes went by it's the time of the advert that's it guys you're doing great so far that's it squeeze and breathe so squeeze breathe great job almost there it's give me a few more and rele release okay shake out those legs shake out those arms you are finished there you have it 5 minute abs takes no time at all in fact it takes 5 minutes and if you still want to work out your body then exit has got plenty more workouts for you whether you want to work your calves your arms cardio everything is here on this channel so make sure you subscribe if you hit this button here you're going to get the newsletter my name is Rebecca Louise you can follow me on Twitter at themodel Pilot or on Facebook Rebecca kise Fitness thanks for joining me today and make sure you keep working out with us soon

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