30 min FULL BODY STRENGTH WORKOUT | With Dumbbells | No Repeats | Warm Up and Cool Down Included

what's up everyone we're about to do a 30 minute full body strength workout with dumbbells so i'll be using two 10 pound weights but choose whatever weight suit you best and you can always grab more than one set of dumbbells we'll have a warm-up and cool down included and for the workout we'll have 45 seconds on and 15 seconds rest so grab your equipment and let's get started all right first up we have our warm up let's get started with a squat then reach and twist inhale down exhale twist here we go 30 seconds per move for our warm up today let's get our body moving [Music] all right arms out to the side we have front kicks reaching for that opposite foot here [Music] feet come wide let's do a side bend then fold forward relax everything like a rag doll then come to the other side side bend good circle around relax that head relax those arms good [Music] uh bending through those knees as we fold forward [Music] all right let's march it out [Music] good or if you want to step it up a little bit let's move into a jog good get that heart rate up get that body warm before we work into our strength workout today [Music] all right grab those weights let's go into our workout we have alternating reverse lunges step back you're going to lift halfway lower step together then switch sides here we go one dumbbell in each hand bring that body upright [Music] good [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] all right 15 second break next up we have sumo so we're stepping those feet a little bit wider turning out from the hips sink those hips down and extend [Music] here we go long back here drive through those heels nice [Music] [Music] it's not so easy [Music] all right take a break next step we have two bent arm lateral raises press those dumbbells together two forward press work the shoulders [Music] here we go [Music] good use your breath with every rep exhale inhale lower good small bend through those knees whenever we're doing our upper body work core is strong [Music] [Music] all right we have side lunge here reaching down then overhead press alternating sides here we go start in the center big step out bring those hips back press [Music] but i'm worth [Music] stitch one dumbbell start on one side of the mat we have squat walks step out together coat together and we're going to do a twist here we go sink those hips nice and low chest stays lifted good step together step together twist nice [Music] [Music] don't let those hips come up let's see if we can sink lower together [Music] all right come on to your mat take that dumbo with you we have leaning back you're pressing then bringing the dumbbell to one shoulder press bring it to the other shoulder good dig those heels in lean back here we go okay you're working the core working those shoulders good do the best you can good see you against you [Music] good lean back more [Music] onto your back dumbbell rest on your chest or just above it lift those knees you're going to crunch up extend one leg bring it in lower your alternating legs here we go crunch up extend bend and lower good as always for any of our core work you can always do it without the weights if you want to support the neck that's okay too good making this workout your own [Music] all right plant those feet down we are going to do full sit up pressing forward diagonally to one corner full sit up press to the other corner [Music] here we go [Music] good as always we want to find that control in our sit-ups here especially on the way down don't just flop down really try and find that slowness as we come back engage that core [Music] [Music] stitch the dumbbell come onto your back arms by your side you're going to turn out from the hips here we're going to do crisscross lowers all the way down and all the way back up head can be rested on the floor or for a challenge lift it up here we go good now the most important thing here is we are checking in with our form so do you have a space between your back and the floor or are you pressing it in to the floor here good remember don't hold your breath keep it flowing [Music] good press that low back down [Music] they flip around we have hands about shoulder width here tricep push up inhale exhale extend knee drive to modify drop those knees to the floor here we go [Music] i need the better i need the best [Music] breathe it out you got this [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] i know we all love push-ups okay grab both dumbbells stand on up we have two tricep extensions you're leaning forward knees are bent bring that body upright two narrow press here we go [Music] make sure you're changing the positions here lean forward for the tricep extensions elbows are drawing back [Music] body comes upright to press those arms are on fire especially after those push-ups [Music] ten seconds left [Music] okay squat knee drive squat knee drive alternating legs [Music] here we go suitcase squat send those hips back really pull up for that knee drive [Music] is [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay alternating reverse lunges you're gonna lunge back curl palms to turn to face up and then you're going to do the other leg here we go let's do it together curl nice [Music] [Music] [Music] okay bicep curls you're gonna do half curls so first four in the upper half of the curl then four just in the bottom half of the curl stopping halfway here we go work the biceps [Music] good and bottom half of the curl [Music] upper half [Music] lower half [Music] okay get rid of one dumbbell we have goblet squat pull the dumbbell like so inhale down exhale up all right now if you do want a challenge for this one then let's hold it at the bottom two three four before we extend nice making sure those knees are not caving in towards the middle good pressing them out in alignment with the direction of your feet and toes here [Music] good lengthen that spine press the shoulders down [Music] all right both dumbbells this is a tough one [Music] so we have two rows you're going to hover those knees off the ground [Music] to modify just drop the knees then we have out out in in out out in in do the best that you can [Music] good pull that core in hold it nice and strong for those rows good and do the best you can to not rock for those rows try and keep everything nice and stable good work those back muscles work the core work the quads [Music] ditch one dumbbell okay come on to your left elbow here this one you can do with the weight or without we're just going to lift and lower that top leg here [Music] here we go exhale lift inhale lower [Music] i can't be close to you close to you close to it close to you [Music] let's go [Music] [Applause] come on to the right elbow same thing other legs [Music] here we go nice you want to exhale lift inhale lower good keeping that leg to the side knee and toes pointing forward here nice shoulders down press away with that elbow [Music] without even speaking [Music] step together step touch you're pressing forward slight bend through th

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