10 min Full Body STRETCH & COOL DOWN Routine | Entire Body Flexibility Exercises & Relaxation

[Music] [Music] hi guys welcome to my channel my name is Emmy if you're new here I would love for you to join a fifth time by clicking the subscribe button so we can workout and get it together every week today I'll be showing you my first-ever 10 minute stretch routine a lot of you have asked for a stretch and couldn't video to do asked to my workout here you go as quick and simple and just let my workout videos you can do them anywhere at home or when you travel I have to confess that I'm pretty lazy when it comes to stretching you'll see later that I'm not the most flexible person for me 10 minutes is already the mattress because I just don't have a lot of patience when it comes to stretching but I'm pushing myself to do it these days after each workout because stretching is so important it keeps your muscle strong flexible and healthy and we need that flexibility to maintain a range of motions in our joints and without a muscle shorten and get tight and that's on risk of injury Singh fees okay enough of me talking here you go my ten minutes quick stretch routine we will first start with Sky reach and toes touch to stretch and loosen up a whole body including torso spine back let's apps hamstrings and even our internal organs standing upright with feet shoulder-width apart inhale as you reach your arms towards the sky and look up then exhale as you bend forward keeping your leg straight and try to touch your toes with your hands and look in between your toes remember that this is stretch and cooldown so take your time and focus on your breathing there is no need to rush through the movements if you feel like it you can pause the video and spend more time on each judge next one is neck stretch you can stay in your standing position or sit down if you like place your left hand on the top of your head and slowly tilt your head to the left apply gentle pressure with your hand to increase the stretch switch size after 15 seconds I sometimes play this with a neck roll by gently rolling my head then we'll stretch out our triceps raise your left hand straight overhead and bend it so your left hand is on the middle of your upper back reach over with your right hand and hold onto your left elbow on the top so your right palm faces down pull your left elbow jump down and towards your right side until you feel a stretch in your left triceps hold it for 15 seconds and repeat on the other side keep breathing [Music] bring your arms down full shoulder stretch reach your left thumb across your upper body keeping it straight then hold it with your right arm gently pull your left arm towards your chest remember to keep your shoulder down and relax hold the stretch for 15 seconds and switch side [Music] [Music] we are then moving on to a chest stretch take a deep breath slowly reach both hands behind your back until they are touching lace your fingers together breathe out as you slowly push your chest out and arms away from the body and hold if you want a deeper stretch breathe in and breathe out as you stretch your hands further out and push your chest forward even more [Music] next one we're stretching out our quads stand on your right leg if you need to you can hold on to a chair or wall for support if you struggle with a balance grab your left foot with your right hand and pull towards your butt do your best to keep your chest upright you should be feeling a good stretch in your left side hold for 15 seconds and switch to the other leg [Applause] NIC's is Cass step your left leg forward and your right leg back bend the front leg but not the back leg keeping it straight both feet should be flat on the floor place your hands on the sides of your front leg and set your weight down as you press through your right Hill you should be feeling a stretch in the calf of your back leg hold it for fifteen seconds and switch side [Music] next one is forward bend to stretch the spine the back hip and inner impact Lakes step your feet wide apart and parallel approximately three to five feet apart depending the length of your legs we should arm straight out and lace your fingers together breathe in then breathe out as you bend forward to your left leg and try to touch your left toes then slightly come up and bend forward to touch the floor in the middle between your feet and then bend forward again to the right side and touch your right toes repeat this by flowing left to right and right to left and continue for 30 seconds mix is the tightest part and also the hardest part to stretch out for me the hip flex up kneel with your left knee on the floor at the back and your right foot in front with a knee bent with your hands on your front knee keeping your chest up push your hips forward and down and you will be feeling a stretch in your left and your hip muscles hold this for 15 seconds and switch sides then we are stretching out our wrists come on to all fours place your hands on the floor with your palms down and your fingers pointing forward then turn your right hand to have to palm up and fingers pointing towards your knees slowly put more weight onto your wrists to stretch and hold this position for 15 seconds and switch head we are halfway to stay in this tabletop position it will go into an 11 stretch Kenan Cottle he'll walk up your spine stretch the neck hips up and back and also massage your internal organs and relieve tension in your body take a big deep inhale arch your back lift your head and tailbone up towards the sky on the exhale round your spine up towards the ceiling and imagine you're pulling your belly button up towards your spine hug your chin towards your chest and let your neck release continue flowing back and forth between the two pulses and connect your breath to each movement continued for 30 seconds 12 let's stretch out our ABS lie on your stomach on the floor pass flat at chest level Lix extended straight behind you with your toes pointed away from your body then take a deep breath and push up off your heads racing your torso as high as you can without lifting your pelvis off the floor feeling a stretch in your abs hold for around 10 seconds then stretch the side of your abs by looking back to your left toes for another 10 second and last one look to your right toes for 10 seconds next one will be doing shoulder roll over come onto your belly and extend your left arm out to the side palm facing down then your right elbow and put your right hand on the mat in front of your chest press your left arm onto the floor and begin to roll open with your back facing your left arm on the floor step your right foot up and over to roll your body more to the side and make sure you are breathing stay on the side for 15 seconds end stroke fourteenth we're stretching out our tight hamstrings one leg at a time sit on the floor and shake on your left leg in front of you bend the right knee placing the sole of your right foot against your left inner thigh then fold your upper torso over yo

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