10 Min HIIT Workout To Burn Calories | Weight Loss Challenge 2023

Hello guys! Welcome to the final episode of the weight loss challenge in 2023. This 10 minute HIIT workout video will get your body fully worked out. So if you enjoy the workout videos of this program, please hit like and let's get started! We have 14 exercises in this 10-minute workout, 30 to 40 seconds of workouts and 5 to 20 seconds of rest in between. If you need a daily schedule for this four-week program, search for it on my website at Chloeting.com. We will start the exercises with knees raised and toe touch. Start with the knees raised like this, raise the knees high, to the level of the hips, and when you get used to the exercise, once you are coordinated, we will add some touches by touching your feet like this. Remember to do it at your own pace, stay safe and follow low impact if you prefer not to jump. Great job guys! 10 seconds of rest here. The squat and ankle touch is next. Start by squatting down, legs shoulder-width apart and as you come up, tap your foot with the opposite hand. Then drop back into a squat and repeat. Make sure you squat low. Relax. Pulling the knees is next. Start with your arms extended like this, with your left leg behind you. Bring your arms down as you lift your knee toward your chest like this. Remember to engage your abdominal muscles here and add a jump after each move if you wish. 10 seconds of rest again and we'll have to get done with the twists. Start with a deep lunge followed by a twist. Then come back and repeat on the other side. Five short seconds of rest now and we'll do knee pulls and hops on the other side. As before, extend the arms, and place the right leg behind you. Pull your arms down as you lift your knee and add a jump after each knee pull. This is getting intense and difficult, guys, but keep going. We will have more rest time after the next two exercises. Great job guys. 10 seconds of rest now and we'll do some front squats and jumping jacks. Start at the end of the mat in a quarter squat, then jump forward into a full squat. Run back and repeat. For a low impact, you can skip the jumps and just do the squats. Good job everyone! Rest now and the cross levers are next. We start nice and slow. Extend your hands, bringing your arms and feet in and out, while switching your feet in hops to the side. Once you're coordinated, let's move on to the difficult version and jump while crossing your feet like this. Great job everyone! We're about halfway through the exercise. 20 seconds rest now. Burpees and jumps are next so feel free to pause the video if you need a short break. Here you stand up straight, get into a high plank position, then jump with your feet in and then jump up like this to complete the burpee. Next, we'll add a tuck jump, when you're jumping up. For a low impact, just stick to slow burpees. Remember, it's perfectly okay to take things nice and slow and progress over time. The goal is just to complete an exercise. Great job everyone! Relax, jumping jacks are next. Raise your arms up, as you press your feet out to the side, one at a time. If you want the version with difficulty, you can always do with some jumping jacks instead. 10 seconds of rest now, cross squat is next. Start by doing squats. Make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart, then when you come back, jump and cross your feet like this. Then jump back, squat and repeat. For low impact, just do some side squats for five short seconds. Now rest and we have steps to the sides with jumping jacks. Take quick steps horizontally to one side, then do some jumping jacks. Then come back to the other side and repeat. To get the effect low, just take it slow and nice. Only three more exercises, so don't give up, we're almost there. Rest for 10 seconds now and we have lunges and lunges. Start with one leg behind you, arms extended. Do a lunge while bringing your arms down. Then repeat on the other side. You lower your arms slightly with force. You should be feeling your abdominal muscles too. Relax, sideways knee raises are next and we're almost done, guys. Lift your knees up, one at a time and run horizontally like this. Make sure you stay safe, especially if you have uneven floors, or if you use a soft mat. For low impact, just do some slow knee lifts. Great job guys! Rest and the last exercise is done sideways. Take a step to the right and lang. Then push through your foot to return to the original position and then repeat on the other leg. That's the drill, guys! Great job on completing the exercises. Send me your comments if you completed the exercise and let me know if you are following the program. And please click likes and I will see you guys in the next exercise. See you soon!!!

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