10 min Inner Thigh Workout | Burn Inner Thigh Fat (No Jumping)

Hey guys we're going ten minutes into the thigh workout today it's only ten minutes so no excuses this workout is part of the 25 days of the entire program and you can find the full schedule here remember to take pro precision pictures or videos and share them with the rest of the community so smash it like subscribe button and let's get it started we have three sets today at 19 exercises 30 seconds on and 0 to 10 seconds off who start with the triangle leg raise hold on to your left leg and go like sorry and lift your right leg if you can't reach your left ankle is okay Completely hold on the left knee now in plan stance position with the right leg bent and leaving the left leg to the side followed by the kick, you can also raise your left arm as it is so you are working at the same time put your front leg in front of your right leg and make some circles place your front leg in front Your right leg and do some circles you'll feel the burn in your inner thigh just keep pushing through guys you got this stay in the same position and use your left knee to draw the same circles make sure you use your inner thigh to do the movement halfway through the set the first time to go to leave you're going go great stay where you are ara and use your right leg you're going to go u- the best you can be it doesn't have to be perfect u figure just do your best your inner thigh should be burning now stay where you are again bend left leg and try to touch the ground in it as you can to work this inner thighs now we do the hip press followed by the cover make sure your foot is flex iso to work the inner thighs more try to do this without extrapolating your legs this is the end of the set you can take a little longer break if you Need one the next set is the same but we do it on the other leg let's do a triangle like live again on the left leg like before we get into the side plank position and raise your legs in a simple way followed by the kick quick 5 second break here and do some Inner side circles on your hips with your foot across your knee and we do some circles well halfway through the guys you're working out just keep working and this will finish the next bent knees circles before drawing the circles using your inner thigh muscle now on you lips where you draw a shape similar to the before To make sure you focus on your inner thighs to do these exercises the knee touches are to continue pressing through guys not long to go next we got the heel press followed by the leg raise last exercise off guys and let's finish this very good guys on the final set lay flat on your back And you got a bent break bend your knees like so like a throat and then thrust upwards and this really burns your inner thighs stay on your back and while you're doing the diamond kick, kick your legs open and bend your knees and kick them if you're starting to get upstream and three more exercises to go on they put the mini lake circuits next week And we started with your right leg trying to keep your leg as straight as possible and draw a circle but if you can't keep your legs straight just fine, just do your best to almost completely at the end of the workout guys keep pushing show the same side you're wondering what's going on why It works for others, but I'm just stuck in the struggle, where does it start, where does it end Who's the enemy who's the friend What's the purpose of working together The final exercise is a set Get to a place where you place a pillow or a shirt roll or a towel between your legs as you do Some shiny bridges make sure you press the towel and also with your real hardness you should feel the burn in your inner thighs

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