Grow Your BOOTY Without Growing Your Legs Workout | Glute Workout

[Music] hey everyone welcome back today we have a lake and booty workout definitely more glute Focus because that's what I like so today's workout is going to be done at the gym and it's going to smash your glutes really hard so I did the workout yesterday and my glutes are sore today and my hamstrings so it is going to kill your glits for those of you guys that don't go to the gym you can try my at home booty workout which I just posted like just recently uh those are really great um as long as you use enough resistance so you can get some ankle belts what so yeah you can get some ankle weights um or resistance bands um or dumbbells CER Bells so yeah I reckon it's really wor worth it if you get some sort of resistance like weights if you don't go to the gym because that's going to really help you to grow your glutes at home if you do go to the gym try this workout out because it is definitely definitely so confident I'm so confident that this is going to work this is going to give you a bigger booty but remember to eat well and sleep well as well sleep about 8 hours a day or 7 hours so yeah um that's about it mhm let's just jump straight into [Music] it okay so today's workout is more focused on the glutes and less on the legs especially quartz because I'm very quart dominant and I like that to stop growing as much so I always warm up my legs and glute before I start lifting um I was just using a resistance band here put it slightly over the knee and do some lateral walks and some reverse walks whatever so adding a band while doing the lateral walk really helps to activate the glutes um but people are always looking at me weird while I'm doing this why so I normally warm up for about 10 minutes then do some stretches this really helps with Mobility when I'm lifting later the first exercise I have today is hip thrust I like to activate my glutes first before moving on to the rest of the late workout and hip thrust is a great one to start with so for hip thrust I normally do some warm-ups without weights first and also some lighter weights then I finally put on the heaviest I can lift for about eight reps and I do that for about four sets so basically four sets of eight so I was going up to 120 kilos here which is pretty heavy for me uh my butt was shaking and cramping so bad after three sets so then I went down to about 100 kilos for my last set and also I was doing more of a white stance hip thrust so with my toes pointing a little bit outwards as well um I find that engage my glutes a bit more and also make sure your knee is bent at 90° if your knees Not Bent at 90° um if your feet is too close close to your glutes or the bench then you're going to feel a little bit more on your quads so that's definitely not what I want because I'm trying to minimize the growth on my quads at the moment so the second exercise I have here is low bar squat um I injured my wrist a little when I was snowboarding so yeah I can't lift as heavy because low bar squat does put a little bit more pressure on the wrist so for low bar squat make sure your feet is wider than your shoulders Point your toes outwards just slightly and squat down and make sure your knee is also pointing outwards when you're squatting down and also when you're coming back up make sure you don't let your knee cave in it can be quite hard when your weight is too heavy and your legs start to shake and you can't control them as much um if that's the case then use lighter weights make sure you can control your legs when you're squatting there's no no point squatting if you're going to let them legs caveen it's ridiculous so if your feet are pointing outwards your knees are not caving in and also pointing slightly outwards um this low bar squat definitely will help to engage your glutes and hamstring hips more than the quads well at least that's how I feel anyway sorry I have been working on my leg press and now I'm up to seven plates each side oh my goodness that is some heavy so that's about 280 kilos excluding the machine weight so that's more than six times my weight that is pretty crazy um so yeah again I'm trying to focus more on my hamstring and also my booty and less on the quads and that's the reason why my feet are quite high on the machine and also Point your toes slightly outwards so the downside of putting your feet so up is that there is less range of motion especially for shorty like me so I'm pretty jealous of you tall girls out there because this is my favorite exercise to kill my legs and glutes also remember not to lock your knees when you're on top because you can injure your knee I know it can be quite difficult when it's super heavy um anyway next I'm doing pull through so this was really heavy so my G G was getting quite uncomfortable here um again white legs Point your toes outwards and make sure you're using your hips to pull the cable not your arms and this is so so good for your booty so all this exercises are less focused on the quadz and more on the booty the reason why I'm trying to stop growing my quadz is because I think it looks a little bit imbalan my quads are so much more dominant and my hamstring can't even find them I used to do lots of quadz focus exercises when I first started training so yeah I have big sexy quads next I'm doing my favorite exercise right now I wasn't doing this um before my bulk because I was quite sick of this exercise cuz I used to do it but now I'm in love with it again because this really smash my butt anyway if you want to engage your glutes more try to lean forward a little and also make sure your back is not Arch then do this very sexy movement oh God this will definitely leave you quite S I normally do a drop set for this okay for the last exercise this is also one of my current favorites I used to do this a lot but stopped for a while because I was doing more compound LTS um anyway so this works wonders on the glutes if you want to engage your glutes more I find that bending forward with your upper body parallel to the ground really helps with that make sure your back is not arched as well because when your back is arched you can't engage your glutes as much so yeah when you see these insta models arching their back when they doing late workouts it's pretty because you're going to hurt your back and also you can't engage your glutes as much sry what's the point um anyway just remember to not arch your back for any late workout um keep your core engaged and tight I also like to keep my knee bent instead of having it straight at the start position because that really helps to engage the glutes more you can also have your legs straight then that works on your hammies too so it's a personal preference kind of thing I guess so that's the workout guys I can assure you that your butt will be super sore the next day make sure that your weight is challenging enough and make sure you eat well and sleep well because they're really crucial when it comes to Growing you

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