10 min Intense Lower Ab Workout BURN BELLY FAT No Equipment

Hello everyone, my name is Emi and my name is Chad. Welcome to Stay Fit and ….ng (laughing) Welcome to Stay Fit and Travel. Today we are finally going to train the lower abdominal muscles because many people say that they don’t feel the lower abdominal muscles after doing abdominal muscle exercises. Soreness so you asked me to make this video and you asked for soreness (muscle burning) and we will make you so sore! This time my boyfriend will come to exercise together because I think he needs to practice this! Are you ready? Today we are finally going to do lower abdominal muscle exercises! We start by raising the legs at 90 degrees. First, lie flat, put your hands next to your buttocks to support yourself, straighten your legs, and use the power of your lower abdominal muscles to lift one foot When rising to 90 degrees and changing legs, the center should be kept stable. The feet should not touch the floor. Lift the right leg and the left leg once for 45 seconds. Always use the strength of the lower abdominal muscles and do not allow the back to leave the floor. Put your hands on the back/butt. The lower part will help you keep your back from leaving the floor. Now your lower abdominal muscles should be a little sore, which means you are using the right muscles. Come on, let's do the next exercise, Reverse Crunch. The starting position is the same as the previous exercise, with your hands on your buttocks. Below, raise the two legs straight and then to 90 degrees. The two legs are close to each other. The knees are a little bent. Tighten the lower abdominal muscles and lift the pelvis back toward the navel. Lift the legs toward the sky. Every time you raise your waist, you should feel sore. , continue for 45 seconds, come on, don’t stop, give it a few more seconds and we can complete the exercise just now. It is my favorite exercise. It really makes the abdominal muscles very sore. 4. Strokes leg raising is the same starting position again. The legs are raised straight. You can’t When you touch the floor, first raise your right leg to 90 degrees and then leave it there, then raise your left leg to the same position (so that both legs are at 90 degrees). Slowly lower your right leg first, then lower your left leg to the starting position. , keep using the strength of your lower abdominal muscles to count once, and continue the whole movement for 45 seconds. When you want to give up, remember that I am doing it with you. Friends who have read my own story already know that I don’t exercise at first, so I just start from scratch. I didn’t give up because I had a goal. Don’t give up either. Every action is a step towards the goal! Let's keep going together. The next one is called Crunch Kick. This time you can sit up, put your hands behind your butt, support your upper body, pull your knees to your chest, keep your feet together, tighten your lower abdominal muscles, and then push your legs back up. Repeat the forward and backward movements for 45 seconds. I know it is very hard, but I will continue to encourage you. No effort, no gain! Congratulations on the completion. You take a break and I'll show you the next move. We're going back to the simplest move, raising the legs. Don't underestimate it because it's very effective. So this move is one of the most popular lower abdominal muscle exercises. Hands on the butt. Next, use the strength of the abdominal muscles to raise the two legs, then go up to 90 degrees and then slowly come down (without touching the floor) and continue to repeat for 45 seconds. Halfway through the exercise, come on! Just 5 more minutes! The sixth movement is called Ab Bikes. First, lie flat with your back against the floor and tighten your belly button. Put your hands behind your head and shoulders, but don’t pull your right leg up to your neck. At the same time, straighten your left leg and lift your upper body to the right. Move your arms to touch it. Go to your knees and make sure your torso is turning (not just your elbows). Take turns changing sides for 45 seconds and challenge yourself to hold on until the end without lying down! you can do it! Even if it doesn’t work this time, it doesn’t matter. Don’t give up. Just keep trying. Your body is stronger than you think! The seventh one is called ‘Leg Circle'. The starting position is very similar to the previous ones. Lie on the mat, put your hands under your buttocks, lift your legs, bend your knees a little, and put your legs together. Make full circles, clockwise for 22 seconds, then switch to counterclockwise. Well done for the same 22 seconds, we finally get to the eighth movement! Work hard to the end! Slow Me, this exercise will train your abdominal muscles better than a fast mountain climber! Don't give up, it's almost over! Single Leg Lift- This is another type of ‘leg raise', and it is also the most difficult one. Use your hands under the buttocks to use the strength of your lower abdominal muscles to lift your legs a little, then lift one leg to 90 degrees and then face the roof. Come down and switch legs, lift it up again and come down again. Alternate legs for 45 seconds. The closer the legs are to the floor (but not touching the floor), the better. The abdominal muscles will be very sore. There are less than two minutes left, come on! The last exercise is called ‘Scissors'. There are two ways to do it. The first is to sit up halfway with your back leaning on your elbows and your legs straight up. Lift your legs a little and pass them up and down. First your right leg is on top and then your left leg is on top, like scissors. The center of movement should be stable, and the legs should be close to but not touching the floor. The second way is to lie down. This is more difficult with the hands under the buttocks. It also requires a very strong center so that your legs can be close to the floor but your back cannot be tilted. If you feel your back lifting, you can raise your legs a little higher. The higher it is, the easier it is. Come on, come on, there are only a few left to finish! To relax your abdominal muscles, use cobra instructions to lie down on the mat, straighten your legs and place your hands next to your chest. Use your hands to push your upper body up and maintain the up position for 15 seconds. Turn your body to the right, try to look at your feet, and stop for a few seconds. Seconds and then switch sides. If you feel it's not enough, you can go back to the original instructions and bring your hands closer to your chest and repeat. This time going higher will make your abdominal muscles stretch more. Today is over! I hope you like this video, don’t forget to give me a like and share it with your friends so that we can work out together and stay healthy. See you next week!

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