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Hello, everybody and good morning! i hope you all are having a great day so far. Today i'm going to take you through a quick 10-minute morning workout that's perfect to kind of get the blood flowing and get everything moving for the day. You don't need any equipment, but you will need something soft beneath you as we are going to be on the ground, there's no jumping involved and it is a no-repeat work out. So make sure you can see your screen so you can follow along with me. And without further ado, let's get to it! All right, so we are going to begin at one end of our mat. We're going to start by taking a big inhale and reaching the arms up. Then from here, we're going to dive down to the mat. So rolling through our spine, keeping the leg straight, we're going to walk it out to a plank, and then from here, we're going to bend the knees and walk it back up, taking a nice big inhale. And diving down. Legs are straight. On this last one we're going to stay here in a high plank. Next up, we're going to stay in this plank and then you're going to push back into a down dog position, pressing those heels into the floor. And then coming back to plank. From here we're going to drop our knees down. You're going to take a push up on your knees and then from here you're going to push it back into child's pose, reaching those fingertips towards the top of your mat. So take this nice and slow. Really control yourself lowering down into this push-up. Good. We're going to come into table top here. Next up, alternating bird dog crunches. So extending opposite arm, opposite leg, bring it in for a crunch, extend it back out, and then back to centere. As you extend, make sure you're keeping your core engaged. We're not arching the back here. Keep a nice neutral spine. Bring that knee in as close as you can to your chest, back out and control it down. We're going to come onto our side next. So, on your forearm this leg is bent reaching it out to the side. We're going to bring it in coming down onto this hip for a crunch and then back out. Everything's nice and straight here, using this side to keep yourself lifted. Good! We're going to switch it around to the other side. Take these nice and slow. Reach your fingertips and toes to opposite ends of the room. Couple more! Good! We're going to roll it over onto our back. Arms are up, feet are planted into the floor. You're going to take a glute bridge. Then from here, you're going to lift one leg at a time, keeping that back pressed into the floor and those hips press to the ceiling. Lower it down, press it up. One leg at a time. Try not to arch your back here. Keep that pelvis tilted under. Good. We're going to sit up. You're going to come to one knee. We're going to practice a little bit of balance here. So from here, you're going to press on to your supporting leg, reach toes and fingertips to opposite wall. Everything's nice and straight and then control lower it back down onto that knee, press it up, reach, And control lower down. Don't forget about your breath here. Good! We're going to switch legs. So, your other leg is infront. Find your balance. Get grounded into that supporting leg. Sweep it forward. Nice and long. Good last exercise. We're going to stand it up. Feet are nice and wide. You're going to come into a side lunge, reach for opposite toe, press this hand into the floor and twist, opening up that chest, and back to centre, and other side. So you will feel a stretch in that inner thigh. And then as you come up, press through the supporting leg. Press through the glute. Good! Last one. Walk those feet in. That's it guys! great job! i hope you enjoyed this quick 10-minute morning workout. If all you have is 10 minutes this morning this is a perfect little routine to kind of get yourself ready for the day. You can do it in your pyjamas has there's no jumping. I hope you guys enjoyed this one. Give it a thumbs up. Let me know in the comments. If you're new here hit that subscribe button. Turn on your post notifications so you don't miss another video for me and i will see you guys next time. Bye! If you enjoy my workout videos then make sure to join me in the mad fit app! You'll get access to structured programs, challenges, exclusive workouts, recipes, and many more amazing features that will help you on your health and fitness journey! If you haven't already downloaded mad fit, make sure to click the link in the description and i will see you guys inside the app!

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