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what is going on everyone i'm katerina cantoris and i'm hoping to be your new host for this x-hit channel so let me know how you like this ab workout and if you want to see any other exercises or workouts because i am here for you but first we have to do this minute lower ab workout we are focusing on that lower core there's only five different exercises but we are doing each exercise for 40 seconds of work we do have a 20 second break transition and it's only two rounds it's gonna be quick you're gonna feel the burn let's get right into it all right we're going into our first exercise it's gonna be a plank hip dip 40 seconds let's go we're twisting all the way down and all the way back up you want to make sure you're breathing throughout the entire exercise your core is engaged specifically that lower core if you need to close your eyes create that mind to muscle connection and if you can't do these dips feel free to just hold the plank right here nice and still squeezing that core but if you can give me those dips give them to me come on we're almost there almost done in five three two one and rest all right we got 20 seconds shake it out we're going to sit on our booty and we're going to be doing wind shield wipers that's exactly what it sounds like your legs are going all the way around all the way back focus on that lower abs you got 40 seconds let's do it all the way up and tap up tap up tap breathing moving this is it you want to focus on that crunch when you lift those legs up almost there 15 seconds focus on that lower core don't hold your breath almost done five seconds in three two and rest shake it out we're going to be on our back next up is going to be a straight leg reverse crunch you can put your hands underneath your booty if you want or to your side legs are going to go up you want to try and touch your toes to the ceiling here we go let's work 40 seconds these are little movements because we're focusing and pulling those hips up to the ceiling using your lower core i don't want you to be rocking back and forth and using momentum i want you to really use that core to pull those hips up inhaling exhaling you want to breathe throughout the entire exercise we're almost there keep breathing [Music] this is it in three two last one and rest all right we're coming back up we're going in a plank position you're gonna be giving me plank toe touches to be in a plank position and you're going to be touching opposite toe with that opposite arm you're going to be piking up when you do that so when you pike up use that lower cord to pull your booty up let's go you want to touch it and you want to drop all the way back in a plank so drop those hips all the way down the movement is used by your abs you don't want to be pushing yourself with your arms or your legs use your core to touch those toes keep breathing this is it 15 seconds almost there don't stop don't stop moving and five in three two last one and rest all right our last exercise is going to be a c sit with alternating toe taps so that means your toes are gonna be off the ground you can put your hands on the ground you can balance them in front of you but we're just gonna alternating those taps you're not using your hip flexors you're using your core let's go tap it up and alternate it it's going to be really easy to use those hip flexors to lift those legs up and down so i really want you to be focusing on that core to go down and go up you can even crunch it up just a little bit and if you need to you can put your toes down and just alternate bring them up until we build up that strength for you to do this one [Music] so close this is it [Music] keep breathing five seconds in three two one and rest all right that was the first round we only have one more round and now that you know the exercises and you're feeling a little bit more comfortable i want you to really push yourself in this last round because it's only five minutes and we are done your abs are gonna be burning we're going into our plank hip dips let's do this all the way exhale every time you switch make sure you're breathing and you're focusing on your obliques and that lower core on that twist this is the last time you're doing it don't give up i know it's tough but you made a promise to yourself to do 10 minutes of core so we're gonna do that right now come on ten more seconds push through this is it five and three two and rest oh i know your core is burning but we only have four more minutes we have our wind shield wipers try and alternate all the way back and forth each side left and right lower core in three two one let's do it all the way up all the way up [Music] 20 seconds last time you have to do this you can keep those legs completely straight the whole time or you can bend them a little bit whatever you do i just want you to keep moving this is it five seconds three two last one and rest oh my goodness i know your abs are burning we only have three more minutes though all right we're going on our back it's gonna be that straight leg reverse crunch you're trying to touch your toes to that ceiling make sure you're using your core to move those hips up do not swing yourself don't cheat yourself let's go up and down try and keep it nice and small movements nice and controlled engaged the whole time this one burns i know keep breathing but this is it last time you're doing this 20 seconds you're already halfway let's go don't give up deep breaths keep moving lower core getting that six pack almost done five in three two last one and rest all right we got two more exercises we have our plank toe touches next it's the last time you're going to be doing this make sure you're pulling yourself up into that position with your floor you're not using your arms not using your legs here we go make sure you touch your toes each time and you drop back into that plank and you speed it up just a little bit keep that core engaged the entire time like sucking your belly button into your spine breathe keep moving just about halfway we're actually over halfway we're almost done all the way down and up don't give up five seconds here we go and a rest this is it last exercise it's our seat fit alternating toe tap remember there's two different options did you have your feet off the ground or your feet on the ground whatever you do keep moving and use that core not your hip flexors let's work tap it up and down keep breathing keep moving don't use those hip flexors this is it final 20 seconds of the entire workout i know your core is burning can you speed it up final reps come on don't give up breathe this is it don't stop five in three two last one and rest oh give your abs a break i know that burns it did not feel like ten minutes but it was and you finished it our 10 minute lower ab workout thank you so much for joining me you guys motivate me so much and please just let me know how you like this workout down in the comments below and make sure you're

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