Hello everyone, welcome back! Today's workout is 10 minutes. It will work every part of your abdominal muscles. It will give you a difference in your abdominal muscles. These exercises are part of the 30-day Flat Belly Challenge program. I have put together a free workout calendar for you, so check it out now. I have been doing this challenge for myself so you can join. Share your results #chloetingchallenge so I can do this before/after the video to see my results as well as yours so let's get started! Before we get started, I would really appreciate it if you hit the button, โ€œI hope you mean like.โ€ Send me a comment, and share this free exercise with anyone who needs it. Now letโ€™s start these exercises with the inside and outside. Place the hands at your sides. Pull your knees to your chest. Remember to squeeze and pull your abdominal muscles throughout. Time for the next exercise is the Spiderman plank. Get into a plank position and bring the knees out to the sides again. We're sharing the work here so don't let your legs do all the work here. Leg circles are next. Put your palms next to your hips. This will really work so keep going. Now move into plank position again. And we do a plank with hip dips. This is one of my favorite exercises. It works in an oblique, so I do it slowly and with control and feel the burn. Now switch to the side again with your hands next to the hip. We're having a reverse crunch. You're probably starting to feel it now in your abs, but keep going. Let's do it together. Okay. Stay flat because we have some Next up we have some flutter kicks, we're already in the middle of training Good job! Grind a little while doing the flutter. The kicks are definitely a little more difficult. Next we have the flips. Have your heel touch the ground or you can lift it off the ground and move it from side to side again….. Do this slowly and with control so your muscles do all the work. Now flip to the other side in plank position. We are working like mountain climbers. Bring your knees forward towards the opposite elbow and burn the muscles. Okay, now turn to the side of your back again. There are only three exercises left to go and now we are doing the cycling exercise. I recovered slightly in the following exercises, so I want you to put in your effort for this exercise and feel the burn. Make sure to get the abs. Now flip to the other side and we'll do the plank with the bunny jumping and the plank position with the jump to both sides.” I got it ๐Ÿ™‚ We're almost done so keep going! Get those knees as high as possible now let's smash this. Great job everyone! Don't forget to smash the thumbs up button and leave a comment if you enjoyed it. Also, do not forget to share your progress with everyone. If you have not liked yet, press the like button and turn on notifications because I have loved you for a long time. See you in the next exercise. Bye!

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