10 Minute Ab Workout: How to Get a Six Pack

okay everybody today on x here i'm going to get you on your way to having that six pack we are doing 10 minute abs which means 10 exercises 30 seconds each twice through we're going to work straight away so come down to the floor we're going to bring our legs up and for 30 seconds we're just gonna drop our legs down and bring them up again okay so we're working the lower abs here that's this little pooch here that's really hard to work out that's it keep breathing now we want to make sure that we're keeping our back flat on the ground so if you feel it start to come off just don't go as low down great start everyone cool we got to start like we mean to go on are you ready to change into the next exercise whoo see came around nice and quick bring those legs up and we're going to flutter them again we're going to be working these lower abs you're also going to feel your quads are going to be working too so you're going to get a good leg workout and we're going to be doing our lower abs for like a minute and a half so really are going to be strengthening those lower abs and getting rid of that pooch now i like to have my arms out to the side gives me a little bit more support but make sure you're just not gripping onto the ground okay see it's come round again next 30 seconds cross them over now if you can just test your legs and bring them down slightly the lower you bring them the more you're going to feel it in those lower abs but make sure the back doesn't come off the ground and you can really start to feel it in those lower abs as you come down because it gets harder to talk and that's probably quite difficult for someone in me that never shuts up great job guys whoo minute and a half it's almost over okay flipping over onto your tummies i'm gonna do mountain climbers nice slow and controlled again 30 seconds and you want to make sure that your back isn't arched nice and neutral and your hands are underneath your shoulders and nice and gently bring those knees into the chest excellent job guys keep it going [Music] that's it squeeze pull that tummy up ready next exercise is going to be rolling back on our backs okay on to your buttons we're going to make a v pulling in and out now you're going to really start to feel this in your quads as well make sure you really are just engaging those tummy muscles so we get that six pack great good job guys if you're feeling a burn it means it's working come on don't give up it's only 10 minutes and you've probably only got about seven minutes to go okay ready next exercise go down onto your back arms up i'm just gonna alternate we're touching our toes now no worries if you can't get your legs straight depends how flexible you are just keep trying to reach up for those toes see you're getting through it nice and quickly the way you can do this just by alternating your exercises keeps it fresh current and keeps you motivated okay next exercise we'll take it into the russian twist so coming up into that v and twisting around me take this nice and controlled and if you want to increase this and make it even harder you can add a weight into your hand that's it just keep breathing oh i can feel the burn in my belly now you should be able to feel it too keep it going great work okay you ready to turn on to the next exercise ready and flip straight over we're gonna hold a plank okay so just up like this again make sure that your elbows are underneath your shoulders i like to grab my hands together it gives me a bit more support and we're going to keep our back nice and flat i don't want you dipping it down or sticking your booty in the air nice neutral spine that's it hold it there for just a little bit longer and we're gonna go into our side planks three two one straight away no rest holding it up now you've got different variations of this you can either put your hand here you can lift it up or if you find that too difficult you can just bring your bottom down and then eventually you'll be able to bring it up and put your hand to the sky and look up it'll be nice and easy really are working our oblique muscles here now we've done this side so obviously we're gonna have to do the other side we're gonna make sure that it's even so you're ready to switch over onto the side plank ready let's go straight up that's it hold it up nice and tight just keep thinking about pulling up here so really using those oblique muscles those muscles down the side and look up great job are you ready to do this all over again because i am you ready if you made it five minutes you can do 10 minutes [Music] and if you're going to do 10 minutes you're going to get more of the abs and you went for five ready let's start again go spin it back round you're done five minutes you're gonna get five minutes worth of abs but if you do this all over again you're gonna get double the abs so remember what was first leg drops working that lower abs now just think you're halfway through already so you may as well just give another five minutes and keep going you do this workout every day and of course eat clean as well you really are going to see the difference in those abs i know that if i do more exercises just working my abs i really do feel the difference and drinking lots of water helps too okay ready for the next exercise we're going to flutter kicks now i do like to keep my legs nice and high you can do them down here but as you can see my back tends to come off the ground so i'm just going to keep it up here it's really important that we don't damage our lower back i can really feel it in my quads now my abs are burning if you can feel the burns shout i can feel the burn that means it's working if it doesn't hurt it's not working so just think about those abs afterwards okay ready to go onto scissor kicks let's go now these ones for some reason i can take lower down just because the movement is different going cross it also stops me talking which is probably a good thing for now okay let's keep breathing no one giving up just yet i want you working it all the way to the end no swaps no stops for water just yet you can have a rest at the end okay feeling the burn in those lower abs you ready to go on to the next one remember what it is yep mountain climbers oh spilling right over and let's bring those knees into the chest now if you want more of a cardio you can do this quicker but as today we're working on getting that six pack we're just gonna take it nice slow and controlled great job everyone do this every day and you're gonna get that sexy beachbody i'm still working on mine i still want to make improvements but just give yourselves 10 minutes a day put on a bit of exit and get your body in shape okay ready sitting back down i'm not sitting we're just going to beast it okay v6 crunches that's it nice controlled you should be really starting to feel it now you should be feeling the burn i can really feel it on my quads keep that back nice and straight oh feels

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