10min Grow Taller Yoga | *worked for me even in my late 20s*

I have to be brutally honest with you no exercise in this world can increase your skeletal heights yeah so why would you make this video then hear me out yes exercise can really increase your Heights but it can lengthen your body and elongate your body by fixing your posture and even out those unbalanced muscle groups so that you look so much taller so these yoga poses is something that I do every single day and I can definitely see my bodies I'm getting so much Slimmer like hourglass shape so without further Ado let's get on to the video okay now so the first one is very easy inhale arms reaching up then exhale hands in front of the heart [Music] a big inhale in an arm switching up imagine something is pulling you from the sky [Music] foreign [Music] then pull your arms to the left and to the right exhale bend your body inhale come back to Center [Music] try to bend your body as low as you can so that you can feel the stretch on the left side and right side of your body [Music] foreign [Music] okay now come down to the ground we're going to do some cat Cow we've done this before this is a perfect exercise to stretch your spine exhale round your back and Chin towards your chest inhale arch your back and chins Towards the Sky [Music] if you want to grow taller how can you not work around your spine keep the movement only in your spine so don't move your elbows and arms foreign [Music] next one exhale push yourself into down dog then lower your body inhale lift up your chest and your chin we're in Cobra then exhale back to down dog you ready let's go [Music] exhale down dog lower your body inhale lift up your chest and chin then exhale down dog [Music] okay now let's do a little challenge use your hand grabbing your feet or your ankles head facing down then inhale push your feet into your hand and then lift up exhale release you ready let's try it foreign [Music] lift up your face as hard as you can I know this might looks a little bit intimidating but you can do this I believe in you [Music] okay for the last one try to hold in this position for a few seconds you got this thank you [Music] now exhale slowly come down you guys are amazing okay let's do an easy one just push yourself into a child pose then we're going to relax our back here for 40 seconds [Music] put your forehead on the ground and drop your whole body weights on to the ground and just breathe and relax thank you [Applause] [Music] foreign ly inhale into tabletop then exhale lend your body onto the ground and scoop your hands forward rest your chin or your forehead on the ground you ready let's go [Music] oh this is a very good pose to stretch your upper back your spine your shoulders and open up your chest everything it always feels so amazing after I do this [Music] okay now turn your body around come lie down on the ground we're going to do another challenge [Music] interlacing your hand and put it right under your hips slowly walk your shoulders underneath your back then extend your legs on the ground and let your body in a straight line check your body from head to toes if you are in a straight line this is very important then one inhale in exhale lift up your hips your knees towards your head then your hands supporting your lower back then inhale slowly extend your legs towards the ceiling then try to lower your knees towards your head one by one to exit the pose exhale slowly bend your knees and gently roll back onto the floor and now this might looks a little bit challenging for beginners if you want to go for the easy one just simply use a yoga block or a pillows or a blanket anything place it right under your hips and your lower back then simply just lift up your feet up in the sky this works amazing as well so if that's your option please grab your yoga block your blanket or your pillow now okay you ready we're in this together I'll guide you through interlace in your hand put it right under your hips [Music] extend your legs check if you're in a straight line one inhale in then exhale curd your body knees towards your forehead your hands are supporting your back then slowly inhale extend your legs never turn your head and your neck if you're comfortable exhale touch your knees towards your forehead one by one if you're using the block close your eyes engage abdominal muscle to keep your legs straight up in the air we are circling all the blood back into our body a perfect pose for Rejuvenation okay now we're almost done now extend your legs and we hold here for a few breath okay now exhale bend your knees towards your head slowly roll your back and carefully put yourself back onto the floor and we relax here for a few seconds [Music] drop your whole body onto the ground don't give in any weight into your body close your eyes and just rest you guys are amazing [Music] foreign [Music] okay now come up seated this is our last one keep your spine in a straight line and make sure you sit on your tailbone inhale lift up exhale Bend forward and grabbing your feet if you can't reach to your feet simply just place your hand onto your shin thank you foreign keep your chest towards the floor and keep your legs straight this can also slim down our legs come on we are almost done hang in there [Music] [Music] and yes we are finished thank you so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this workout and I will see you guys in the next one [Music] thank you

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