10mins Bloated Stomach Yoga to Relieve GAS | Improve Digestive System

girls you're not fat you just bloated hi guys welcome back do you always feel bloated around your stomach or do you feel like you have a lot of gas in your stomach but you just can't get it out so if you have a poor digestive system like me you have to try this yoga routine now lie down on the bed use your hand to grab your left knees and pull it towards your chest inhale release halfway exhale pull it towards you [Music] and now we stay here for four breathings foreign [Music] to grab the right knee [Music] and now we stay here for four greetings close your eyes and just relax your whole body foreign [Music] knees and pull it towards you [Music] close your eyes relax your stomach and slowly Breathe In and Out foreign now put both hands out to the side until your knees from left to right [Music] exhale when you twist your body inhale come back to Center [Music] remember to relax your stomach while you twist [Music] now slowly coming back up and sit on your tailbone place your left feet in and another one next to your knee inhale open your body exhale twist your body [Music] now we stay here for four breathings [Music] inhale slowly come to Center and we do it on the other leg [Music] open halfway exhale twist your body now we hold here for four breaths keep your back straight and steady breathing now release your legs we're going to do some knees rotation support yourself with your arms interior knees Inward and outward this is a really good pose to open your hips and your thighs [Music] foreign twist this is a very good pose to get your stomach and your intestine moving [Music] okay now extend your legs say on your tailbone we're going to do some forward fold exhale fold your body with a straight spine inhale coming back up [Music] pull your chest towards your knees and now we stay here for four breathings if you can't grab your feet it's okay just put it on your shin [Music] foreign [Music] so the air can come out [Music] now slowly extend your arms and your back put your head on the bed we are in child pose now slowly slide forward keep your upper body on the bed we are in dog pose slowly Breathe In and Out now lie down on the bed and grab your feet gently row side to side try to push down your feet a little bit and relax your stomach [Music] foreign now put your feet down and try to use your fingers to touch your heels interlacing your hands and place it under your hips relax your stomach and gently move your hips up and down if you like you can release your hands and now we stay in this position for a few deep breathings inhale expand your stomach exhale return to normal [Music] slowly coming back down increase cross your leg exhale elbow meet your knees inhale release [Music] [Music] and now we do on the other side [Music] now release everything just simply lie on the bed and gently draw circles around your stomach relax your back your abdominal and your pelvis gently draw circles [Music] [Music] well I hope you guys found it useful and I have one tips for you I learned it from Chinese medicine so while you're upload it super uncomfortable place your fingers well three to four fingers under here use your thumbs place it under and gently massage it and also above here so it gives you a really good relief in your stomach and I also do have more tips on how to improve your digestive system and how to treat bloated if you want to watch that definitely leave the comment down below and let me know I will film it for you so anyway I hope you guys like it and I will see you guys in the next one bye

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