12min Beginner Cardio At Home | All Standing | No Equipment | No Repeat

hi guys welcome back today we're going to do some cardio together no equipment needed all standing I promise you you'll be definitely sweating so without further Ado let's get on to the video [Music] okay now let's warm up our body with the small jump you don't have to jump very high just small steps keep your breath steady and let's have fun man you never know when it is goodness [Music] now rest for 10 seconds said a word but it doesn't matter okay now bend your left knees and exhale kick it with your right knee every time you can't get squeeze your abdominal and try to kick it as hard as you can foreign [Music] [Music] rest for 10 seconds I'm standing in a blurry dream no one else can see ya and now we do on the other side [Music] come on you can do it take away your bad luck take away your bad exes take away all the drama in your life come on hang in there [Music] la la okay now squat down to the left to the middle and to the right every time you squat down it's in exhale coming back up is an inhale [Music] come on squat down a little bit lower you can do it [Music] I hope your gas is sweating let's rest for 10 seconds [Music] okay now we're going to do a star jump inhale arms open exhale arms close [Music] slightly bend your knees when you come down this will protect your knee joints [Music] come on jump a little bit faster you can do it [Music] we're almost done hang in there foreign [Music] yes you did it now rest for 10 seconds [Music] okay now Hands by the ear right elbow touch your right knees left elbow touch your left knee exhale squeeze the abdominal inhale come back to standing foreign [Music] you can do it try to move your knees up a little bit don't forget to squeeze your abdominal [Music] [Music] and yes rest for 10 seconds good job we're almost done now again Hands by the ear but this time left elbow touch your right knee right elbow touch your left knee [Music] remember to squeeze the abdominal think about the ABS and the perfect body shape that you're going to have foreign [Music] and now we rest okay now slowly bend your knees exhale when you tilt your leg to the side inhale when you're in between the little jump this is a very good exercise to pump up your heart raise and also give you a nice stretch of your calves I love this pose it's like we are skiing try to bend down as low as you can [Music] and now 10 seconds it's the easy one slightly bend your upper body a little bit and open arm to the side the trick of this one is to squeeze your chest your arms and your upper body while doing it [Music] foreign [Music] remember try to squeeze your chest in your arm imagine that you are holding a dumbbell while you lift up your arms say something something cause we don't talk about nothing [Music] and 10 seconds [Music] okay now again slightly bend your upper body exhale kick your leg to the side and to the back inhale when you come back to standing you can definitely use the chair if you feel wobbly foreign [Music] squeeze your upper body and your abdominal muscle to give you more stability [Music] come on you can do it we're almost done [Music] okay so we have to balance on the other side babe I know it's tiring I know you're exhausted don't worry you can slow down take your time as long as you are doing it not giving up is a very great job [Music] yes foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] way too much it feels like I'm walking through this time ladies yes we have the last two exercise left now exhale clap under your leg inhale arms open [Music] hang in there we are almost done [Music] [Applause] [Music] and now rest for 10 seconds I can't believe that you guys made it to here we have one last exercise foreign [Music] your toes out to the side exhale squat down inhale coming back up you should feel the stretch in your thighs and when you come up squeeze your butt [Music] it's very easy that your upper body will lean forward so try to keep your back straight while you squat down [Music] guys this is our last one we are not giving up in here come on squeeze that butt and squeeze your thighs [Applause] come on one more [Music] and yes we are finished [Music] [Applause] that's my breath thank you so much for watching and I highly recommend that you guys go stretch it out I will put my post workout stretch here is it here or here in a cart I don't know which way okay so I'll put both and it's very important that you go stretch otherwise it's going to be sore tomorrow so that's what I'm going to do next anyway I hope you guys like it and I'll see you guys I was gonna say tomorrow because I am filming tomorrow anyway I'll see you guys in the next one [Music]

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