15 Min Full Body HIIT Workout – Low Impact Alternatives – DO IT!

Hey everyone! We've got a 15 minute full-body HIIT today and if you need a workout schedule, check out my website for the Movember schedule. Before we start. I just want to share that I dropped some merch on my website recently. We've got some shorts, joggers, tanks, crops, and crewnecks. So check them out. Smash that like button, and let's get into the workout. We've got three sets today, 30 seconds on and 10 to 30 seconds off. There's no jumping, low impact variations, so make sure you go at your own pace. Let's start the workout with skaters. Jump to one side and land softly with your knee bent. Try to keep your balance on one leg and bring the other leg behind you. For low impact, just do without the jumps. No rest here, we'll go straight into shuffle crunch. Shuffle to one side and do a little crunch and then repeat on the other side. This will bring your heart rate up further. Short 10 seconds rest now and we've got burpee jacks. Start in a plank and jump both legs forward, then get up and do a jack. I know burpees aren't everyone's favorite, so take your time and go slow for a lower impact alternative. No rest here, mountain climbers are next. Engage your core and keep your pace up. Short rest here and we've got squat jump and tap. Start with a squat and jump up and land softly. Then tap your foot and repeat. Leave out the jump for low impact. You're doing great, guys! Butt kicks are next. Kick your legs back, touching your butt and for low impact, just take it nice and slow. Just two more exercises and we're done with the first set. Keep going, guys! Rest up, guys! Tuck jump high knees are next. Start in a quarter squat, then jump up high. Bring your knees up, then land softly. Then do a couple of high knees and repeat. if you're starting to feel tired, just swap to the low impact alternative. They're here to help you out. Finishing the workout is what matters. No rest here, high knees are next. We've got a longer rest coming up, so don't give up now. 20 seconds rest here. Catch your breath and that's set one. You're doing great! Alright, let's get back in with skaters. No rest here, lateral lunges are next. Lunge to one side, then jump back into the middle, then off to the other side and lunge. This is a great exercise for your legs, so just make sure you do it in good form, so you don't hurt your knees. Rest up, guys. Pop squats are next. Start in a regular squat, then jump up, then bring both feet in, then jump back out again into a squat and repeat. Make sure you're engaging your core and your glutes here. Keep going, we are almost there! No rest here, we're going straight into lunges. Bring one leg back and lunge. Make sure your front knee doesn't pass your toes. Work those legs and engage your core and glutes here, too. 10 seconds rest now and we've got tuck jump squats. We're almost halfway through the workout, not long to go. Start in a quarter squat again, then jump up, bring your knees up to hips level, then land softly. Then do a full squat and repeat. You can always do the low impact variation if you're feeling tired. No rest here, let's slow things down with a simple jog in place. Just a couple more and that will be set two, you got this. 10 seconds rest now and next we've got reverse lateral lunges. Start by bringing one leg to the side and lunge, then back to the middle. Then now bring the same leg back into a reverse lunge. Keep going, we're almost done with the second set! No rest here, let's swap to the other leg. We've got a longer rest coming up, so keep pushing, guys. You can do it! 30 seconds rest here. Feel free to grab some water, catch your breath, or pause the video here if you need a longer break. Time for the final set, guys. Just five more minutes to go. Get on your mat and let's start the workout with bear crawl sit kick. Start on all fours, then lift your knees off the mat. Now start crawling forward by bringing your left hand and right leg forward simultaneously and then crawl forward three or four times. You can end it with a sit kick or just do bear crawls only. We're not taking any breaks here, straight into burpees. Followed by some jumping jacks, and repeat. Again, you can do low impact alternatives if you need to. 10 seconds rest here and next up we've got plank jacks. Get into a high plank position and bring both legs out and back in. You can take it slow if you are getting tired. Great job, guys! 10 seconds rest now. Flip around and lay on your mat, we've got reverse crunch. Lift your hips off the mat using your core muscles. Do it nice and controlled and engage your core. Just four more exercises to go now. Flip around and we've got dolphin plank coming up. Start in a low plank, then lift your hips up like-so, then back into a low plank. Make sure you're engaging your core here. Great work, guys! Now sit on your mat again and it's time for some core work, with in and outs. Make sure your back is straight and you're using your core muscles here. Remember to breathe. Get into a plank and we've got plank with hip dips. We're almost done, just one more exercise after this! Keep going. Final 10 seconds rest here. Catch your breath and we're moving on to the final exercise, bicycle crunches. Bring one knee in, touching the opposite elbow. Then off to the other side. We're almost there. Keep going, guys! This is the last exercise, keep pushing! And that's the workout, guys! Hope you guys enjoyed this 15 minute HIIT workout. Please smash that like button so this video reaches more people. Leave me a comment down below on what you want to see next, and I'll see you in the next workout. Bye!

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