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welcome back everyone this is x hit i'm katarina contours your new host and i am so pumped because we have a 15 minute full body workout we're gonna be focusing on that core on your arms your shoulders your legs your booty we're getting cardio everything and there's only five exercises the sets are gonna be a little bit longer it's 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest transition and it's gonna be three rounds total don't worry i'm going to be here with you every single step of the way pushing you we got this let's go all right so our first exercise is going to be an english burpee it's basically a burpee without the push-up and without the jump here we go 40 seconds out and up out and up this is cardio core shoulders everything if you can't jump out all you can do is step step step step and up one more time you can step step step step and up but if you can jump give me that jump all the way down all the way up keep breathing keep moving you've got this almost there less than 10 seconds before we move on [Music] deep breaths give me one more and rest i know i started out with a bang we're already out of breath breathe you got this slowly take it down on the ground we're gonna be doing some plank twisting reaches okay high plank position alternating twist let's do it reach all the way up and then other way you got this nice slow and controlled make sure your booty is down proper plank form if you can't twist feel free to hold it just like this nice static hold but if you can give me those twists let's do it keep breathing quality over quantity almost there we got five seconds left give me two more one two and rest deep breaths i know your core is burning your shoulders are burning you got this next one are frog squats this is going to look a little bit funny but i want you to put your elbows outside of your knees you can clasp your hands together and you're just going to straighten and bend your legs let's do it up and down up and down so you're not putting your elbows on your knees you're putting them inside on the inside of your legs this is really focused on your quads and on your booty and the faster you go the higher your heart rate will go keep breathing you're almost there 15 seconds all the way up all the way down so close 10 seconds halfway through the first round you got this five seconds in three two and one shake it out breathe into your nose exhale all right in 10 seconds we're starting the next exercise it's going to be a steps it's basically just lifting those knees up but you're giving me a little hop skip step right in between it's like you're jump roping a little bit it just reminds me of us back in the day in the play yard alternating arms alternating legs if you can't do this little jump feel free to keep it static without the jump this workout is for everyone all ages all body types all levels i just want you to work and just keep going we're halfway there can you speed it up let me get that heart rate up so close breathe breathe engaging that core every time that knee drives up here we go five three two and rest shake it out one more exercise and that's all the exercises for the workout we're going down we're hitting a plank on our elbows and you're giving me plank jacks so your legs are going to be going out and in out and in here we go in three two one plank jack jumping out and in try not to put your booty up in the air like this i want it nice and low and you're jumping in and out you can't do that feel free to just tap your toes in and out or you can hold the plank just like this but if you can give me those jacks keep breathing keep moving 10 seconds you got this core is tight five three two and rest oh shake it out you are done with round one we got two more rounds i know i know you can't be mad at me it's only 15 minutes you got 15 minutes to burn calories to build muscle you got this three two one english burpee let's go down and up breathing stand all the way up you want to make sure you're pushing those hips all the way forward jumping down jumping out remember if you can't jump step step step step and up and you alternate those steps if you can't jump but if you can you know what to do 15 seconds almost there don't stop so close push yourself three give me one more and rest ooh shake it out deep breaths one more time into your nose exhale nice down on the ground we have our plank twisting reaches here we go in three two one let's go [Music] [Music] [Music] what did i tell you it was going to be a full body workout let's go almost there you got about five seconds [Music] you give me one more and rest shake it out we got our fun exercise today i know the kiddo if you have any kiddos at home you're gonna want to do this exercise too i mean come on frog squats it looks funny it feels funny but it burns and it works in three seconds elbows between those knees and straighten and bend you've got this so close you're halfway through that second round keep breathing focus on those quads on your glutes faster you go the more it burns 15 seconds everyone you're so close don't give up don't stop moving here we go in five three two one rest breathe shake it out we only have two more exercises for this round one more round and we are done okay a steps we're skipping in the playground we got this in three two one let's go make sure to drive that knee nice and high cores engage whole time if you can speed it up do that i want you to push yourself the entire 15 minutes i'm here i'm holding you accountable i'm watching you you got this remember if you can't jump just lift those knees up you got this 10 seconds breathe burn it out go go go three two and one check it out deep breath right here in through the nose exhale through the mouth down on the ground last exercise for this round we got our fun plank jacks core is engaged here we go two one jack it out for me boop out and in and out and in booty is down remember you can't jump give me some taps you can't tap hold the plank nice and low and engage but if you can jump give me those jumps 15 seconds left breathe got this five three two and rest you are done with round two we only have one more round that is literally five minutes of work and you are done for the day hitting every single body part getting your cardio in abs core legs booty here we go english burpee you don't have to do burpees again after this so i want you to push yourself how fast can you go can you keep working the entire set i'm here to push you to get a little bit better every single rep every single workout this is your time so close 10 seconds left keep breathing five seconds last one and rest remember you have four minutes four exercises and you are done down on the ground you're giving me some plank twist reaches five seconds we're starting 40 seconds of work let's do this all the way reach and reach reach reach you got this pour nice and tight booty down you can't twist hold the plank just like this twist twist come on you

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