Music Hi I'm Emi! Welcome to your first 10-minute intense workout. Get ready for delicious burn all around. It's going to be a lot of fun and it's also the third week of a four-week total body transformation program. You can find the software download link in the description box below including video links for each day. Share your show and hashtag #EmiTransform and you can also tag @emiwong on instagram so we can motivate each other and celebrate. If you're ready for a workout, let's go! 15 minutes, we will do 11 exercises for 2 rounds. Each exercise is 30 seconds with 10 seconds rest. The first is a slow ab bike. Twist, pressing your stomach and back to the floor while twisting your torso and bringing the opposite knee and elbow together and extending the other legs straight out a few inches off the floor. The slower you go, the more it burns. Rest for 10 seconds. The second is V Hold 3 Points. Hold your abdominal muscles tightly. Lift your legs up and lean back so that you are upside down. Reach your arm across three points from the outside of your legs between your legs and to the other side slow and controlled. Lower your body to increase the burn. The third exercise is “Crunch To One Leg Extend” Voiceover: Exercise Tighten your abs to curl them like a shrimp when you bring one knee up, then extend your leg a few inches off the floor. The key here is to do your best to press your back into the floor. 3, 2, 1, switch! The fourth is “Slick Crunch Kick.” Exercise your lower abs and alternate wide V and V. Do it slowly and the more you extend your legs while keeping them off the floor, the more burning you will feel in your abdomen. The fifth is the “Butterfly Sit” with the soles of your feet together, sit all the way down as you bring your arms towards the sky and then press in front of your feet. This is difficult, but all you have to do is try your best. Remember, effort is a choice, it's your sixth choice is the “Half Leg Drop” hands under your bum hat and licks the shoulders at 45 degrees then lower one lick to the floor a few inches and alternate side. Keep pressing your stomach and returning to the floor. Tighten your abdominal muscles to get the right burn. The seventh is “Holding the Boat” Here comes the final burn, let's go! Curl your abdominal muscles to the floor. Legs and arms at a 90 degree angle. Lower them slightly to the floor but do not let your back come. Just hold it here. Keep tightening your abdominal muscles. Only ten seconds to go. Eight is a “flutter kick.” Same as the leg drop position, fluttering your legs up and down across each other. Again, the lower your legs, the more abdominal burn. You are doing an amazing job! Be strong for every rep. The ninth is the “round plank.” This is different from a regular board. Here we suck in our stomach and turn our backs as if someone punched our midsection. We must form a curve from head to heel. Keep squeezing your abs, we've come a long way to pull off. Finish this a better, stronger, fitter human being. The tenth is the “mixed mountaineer.” It's called a combination because we alternate between ten reps of upright mountain climbers and then ten reps of mountain climbers. Bring the knee toward the opposite elbow. Curl and contract your abdominal muscles throughout the movement. The final exercise outside of the first round, the “Side Plank Hip Dip.” I prefer! In an elbow side plank, lift your body using the strength of your abdominal muscles. Then dip your hip toward the floor and lift its support by squeezing your abdominal muscles. Three two one, switch! Focus on your energy usage for each rep. Twenty seconds rest will soon become a reality. ..and comfort! Drink some water. You did the first round on your own. You are strong and powerful. Let's break down this final round. The first is the “Slow Dad Bike”. Stay focused! Remind yourself of your goals, let your determination take you to the finish line. The second is “V Hold 3 Points”. The third one is “Crunch To One Leg Extend” three two one, switch! The fourth is “Slow Crunch Kick”. Feel the burn, enjoy the burn, no pain, no gain. The fifth is “Butterfly Sit”. Challenge yourself to go faster Your hard work now determines the end result. So keep pushing. (Music) The sixth is “Half Leg Drop” Pay attention to constantly squeezing and squeezing your abdominal muscles down. Our goal is to make our back as flat on the floor as possible. This is to ensure that we are using our abdominal muscles for the exercise and not our backs. The seventh is the “Boat Hold.” Again, the key is to lower your arms and legs as low as possible while keeping the back not arched. And for me, that means my arms and legs go up a little 90 degrees and the burning in my stomach is already crazy. Let it do the work! (Music) The eighth is “Flutter Flutter.” I'm so glad you decided to take this time out of your day to do this for yourself and work towards your goals. No one can take this from you. Trust the process and keep going. The ninth is the “round plank.” Continue rounding your back, sucking in your belly. The burn is intense, but that's what we're here for. The tenth is the “mixed mountaineer.” You can run faster to push another burn but make sure you're breaking your heart and squeezing your abs the whole time. Eleventh, the final final exercise for this exercise. Side Plank Hip Dip It's the last exercise, so give it everything you've got and make it burn. Three, two, one, switch! And again I did it! Great job for yourself and your goals. Share your progress and keep working hard. I will be here with you every step of the way. See you again very soon~

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